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10 Best things to do in Iceland in Winter
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10 Best Things to Do in Iceland in Winter

Are you wondering what you can do in Iceland during winter? As it turns out, quite a bit! Visiting Iceland in winter allows you to experience the country’s breathtaking scenery in a different light. Ice caving, snowmobiling, and viewing the northern lights are just a few of the exciting winter activities available in Iceland. Visit waterfalls, glacial lakes, and black sand beaches, among other natural wonders. Look at the 10 best things to do in Iceland in winter.

Between October and April, you’ll see more of Iceland’s great attractions yourself. When opposed to the high summer season, there are fewer automobiles on the roadways at this time of the year. The calmer environment only adds to Iceland’s winter charm.

What are the best winter activities in Iceland? Check out the 10 best things to do in Iceland in Winter.

List of 10 Best Things to Do in Iceland in Winter

1. Explore the Northern Lights

Northern Lights, best things to do in Iceland in winter
Image Credits: Unsplash

Iceland is said to be one of the finest places in the world to see Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights in layman’s terms, due to its location in the North Atlantic area, near to the North Pole. Travellers may be able to see them from Reykjavik, Iceland’s capital. However, for an advantage, relocating to Seltjarnarnes, a nearby suburb, is preferable owing to the lower levels of light pollution.

Seeing the northern lights brighten the sky above you is a once-in-a-lifetime event you will never forget. It’s even better in Iceland, where you can pair aurora expeditions at night with daytime travels to view the country’s renowned stunning countryside.

2. Travel to the Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon, best things to do in Iceland in winter
Image Credits: Unsplash

This is one of the “10 Best Things to Do in Iceland in Winter”. You could wish to swim a few laps, relax in the sauna and steam room, or relax in the hot tub while looking out over the snow-covered landscape. You may even treat yourself to some soothing spa treatments at some pools for a truly luxurious experience.

The Blue Lagoon is, without a doubt, Iceland’s most famous tourist destination, and for a good reason. It’s a natural geothermal spring that also functions as an impromptu saltwater spa. Because of the presence of silica, and other minerals that are excellent for healthy skin, this water is claimed to have healing qualities. It’s no surprise that the Blue Lagoon attracts a large number of visitors.

3. Discover the Golden Circle

The Golden Circle is one of the “10 Best Things to Do in Iceland in Winter”. You may have heard of this popular attraction, but what exactly is it?

The Golden Circle is a short traveling trip that starts in Reykjavik and stops at a few of Iceland’s must-see attractions. Within a few hours, you could see all the waterfalls like Gullfoss waterfall, the Geysir geothermal region, and Pingvellir National Park.

Exploring the Golden Circle is a fantastic way to get a taste of Iceland’s natural variation in a single day. Volcanic hot springs, thunderous waterfalls, and a rift valley lying between the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates are all to be expected.

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4. Tour the Asbyrgi Canyon

This canyon, which is in the shape of a horseshoe, is located in Iceland’s northeast area. This canyon’s most prominent feature is its broad cliff, which provides travellers with a breathtaking perspective. Tourists may also take a tour of the canyon bottom, where they can walk through pine, birch, and fir woods. It is considered one of the most beautiful spots on the planet, and it is the ideal location for soaking in awe-inspiring views of nature’s splendour.

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5. Have fun in the Ice Caves

Ice caves, best things to do in Iceland in winter
Image Credits: Unsplash

Want to experience one of the best Iceland winter activities? Then don’t miss out on the opportunity to go glacier ice caving.

You can explore Iceland’s ice caves, which are located in the Vatnajökull and Kötlujökull glaciers. And this is because the caves are naturally developing. Every winter, the glacial meltwaters freeze and then melt when the weather warms.

In comparison to the previous winter, you may explore a new ice cave with varied forms and passages. The brilliant blue colour can’t help but take your breath away. And also by the way how the light reflects on these icy chambers.

6. Route 1 Trip

Route 1 trip, best things to do in Iceland in winter
Image Credits: Unsplash

In the winter, you may take a “Full Circle” car tour around Route 1 to see the different areas of Iceland. And, this is Iceland’s main highway, which circles the nation.

It allows you to see each area, starting from Reykjavik and travelling across South, East, North, and West Iceland. You may take in the stunning landscape along the route and learn about the unique charms of each region of the country.

Driving the Ring road in winter is very rewarding since you have more chances to see the northern lights. Because the isolated areas on your journey are free of light pollution, you can see the colours swirling in the sky.

You might also tour a portion of Route 1 if you don’t want to drive the entire route. We highly suggest visiting Iceland’s South Coast or West Coast. Both of these areas are easily accessible from Reykjavik and provide breathtaking views. You may even mix the two to get the most out of your visit!

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7. Amaze at the Peninsula

Peninsula, best things to do in Iceland in winter
Image Credits: Unsplash

If you’ve seen Game of Thrones, there’s a high chance you would have seen Kirkjufell, Iceland’s most renowned peak. Its name translates to “Church Mountain”. Moreover, it is said to be the country’s most filmed mountain. The odd thing is that it only appears beautiful and pointed from this perspective, so it’s difficult to tell if it’s the mountain you’re searching for while you’re driving up to it.

Because of the ice and mist from the cascade, the path is quite slippery. The other issue is that people resort to walking in the snow without crampons, which widens the route and harms Iceland’s fragile environment. The best choice is to get crampons, stay on the track, avoid falling on your buttocks, and protect the environment.

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8. Snow activities

Snow activities, Things to do in Iceland
Image Credits: Unsplash

Given that it is winter, you will most likely to want to take advantage of Iceland’s snow. If you’re an energetic person, you’ll enjoy living here because there are constantly fun outdoor things to partake in. Definitely, this would be one of the “10 best things to do in Iceland in Winter”.

How about going ice skating on a glacier? To get your adrenaline racing, go on a snowmobile trip to Langjökull, Iceland’s second biggest glacier. On a clear day, you’ll be able to see the mountains on the horizon as well.

Descend inside Langjökull’s icy tunnels, which have been digging out to show you what life is like beneath the ice. In the winter, you may enjoy ice skating, snowboarding, or hiking. These are just a handful of the various ways to take advantage of Iceland’s snow.

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9. Celebrate X’mas & New-Year

Celebrate Christmas & X'mas, Things to do in Iceland
Image Credits: Unsplash

Icelanders are huge on Christmas and New Year’s celebrations, which may come as a surprise to you. The holiday season, known as “Jólin,” lasts from November to January, with beautiful decorations and lights adding a touch of magic to cities like Reykjavik.

At this time of the year, there are many festive customs to learn about and activities to participate in. On a Christmas walking tour in Reykjavik, find out who the legendary Yule lads are. On Christmas Eve, try traditional Icelandic cuisines such as lamb and salmon.

Or, for a gourmet feast with cocktails, live bands, and unrivaled views of the fireworks from a rooftop club, head to a New Year’s Eve party. Also, in the evening, don’t miss out on one of the town bonfires. It’s a fantastic Icelandic culture and one of the best things to do in December in Iceland.

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10. Mountain Waterfall

Mountain Waterfall
Image Credits: Unsplash

Dynjandi Waterfall is one of the most magnificent waterfall. And, this is one of the 10 best things to do in Iceland in winter. The route to the waterfall is placed in the Dynjandi Voguebay. And it is magnificent in and by itself. As you go down the route, you’ll pass by several tiny streams before arriving at the imposing yet spectacular waterfall. The waterfall’s roar is louder than thunder, and you’ll be in awe of its beauty.


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