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Karlsruhe, Germany
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These Best Things to Do in Karlsruhe are sure to attract tourists

Karlsruhe is a town in south-west Germany. The vast ZKM Center for Art and Media is housed in a former weapons factory and includes video, audio, and interactive installations. The tower of the 18th-century Karlsruhe Palace provides views of the fan-shaped architecture of Karlsruhe in the city centre. The palace contains the National Museum of Baden, with exhibitions covering prehistory to the modern-day.
Karlsruhe is a modern, science and technology hub. But Karlsruhe still preserves much of the heritage and nature that awaits exploration. Founded in 1715, this Young City. Karlsruhe means fan city in German, it’s no wonder because the city is constructed with the palace in the middle and 32 roads radiating out of the core, making the city appear like a fan-shaped sort.

Karlsruhe, Germany
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Top places to visit

Karlsruhe Palace

The Palace of Karlsruhe (German: Karlsruher Schloss) was built in 1715 as the Baden-Durlach residence of Margrave Karl Wilhelm. It is now a museum open to the public, known as Badisches Landesmuseum to the locals. The impressive palace is located in the centre of Karlsruhe, where the 32 roads radiate to form the rest of the town. The building itself is in a semi-circular perspective, with a fountain in the centre. To the back of the palace is a garden, well kept with many trees. The Badisches Landesmuseum provides tourists with the context of the palace, how it was constructed and the overview of the structure and its type of architecture. The Historical and Cultural Museum has a library and research centre for researchers or academics in their studies who wish to obtain more historical information. The tower of the Palace offers a panoramic view of Karlsruhe town.

Karlsruhe, Germany
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Naturkundemuseum Karlsruhe

The Naturkundemuseum Karlsruhe, a scientific institution that collects the historical records of animals and plants, has both permanent and temporary collections, which periodically change to touch on various natural science subjects. It is one of Germany’s biggest natural science museums, with exhibit rooms of about 4,000 square metres. Visitors here come to learn about the life sciences. The museum also promotes science education through organizing school tours and activities within the grounds of the museum. Hence this museum is not only a tourist attraction but also a great place for the purposes of educational and important scientific research.


The ZKM opened in a former munitions factory in 1989. Focusing on the area of digital media and arts, ZKM organizes various unique exhibits and conferences as well as ventures and services focused on this arena. Public and advanced music and technology enrichment activities are also offered in this hub. Armed with two museums, three research institutions, a media centre and a laboratory as well as a handful of event spaces, ZKM is truly a place with creative possibilities for achieving innovative results between traditional arts and media technologies.

Karlsruhe Zoo

With a collection of 4,000 animals (250 species), the world has animals from every continent. This zoo has three sections to make it easier for the animals to be grouped and for the visitors to identify. The segment named “marine sanctuary” is where the sea lions, dolphins, and penguins now live. Underwater viewing windows are installed to enable tourists to see the animals in motion. Just next door is the polar bear enclosure. The “African savanna” is where the African animals, mostly zebras, lions and tigers, reside. This section is modelled like the African safari, with plants like deserts around it. The last segment which opened with an artificial hill is the “Himalayan mountains.” This extra space allows for a favourable area for the snow leopard to conceive young cubs.


The Turmberg is a hill about 256 meters high and constitutes the Black Forest’s northeasternmost peak. This is where the Low Range Hills transition begins to climb up to the hilly landscape. There is a ruin of the castle up on top of the hill, the castle of Turmberg. During the sunrise or sunset, most visitors like to come here to get a good view of the city and also enjoy the atmosphere. A park is now designed for kids to play in. Locals and foreigners just take a trip to the fresh air and scenery, there are no shops or restaurants up the hill. This is certainly a good location for all of the photography.

Karlsruhe, Deutschland
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Lehner’s Wirtshaus Karlsruhe

Without good food, a trip may not be complete. The Wirtshaus Karlsruhe at Lehner is a restaurant frequented by residents as well as by foreigners. The staff speak English well and have an English menu as well. The atmosphere is authentic Bavarian style, with lots of wooden furnishings. The outdoor seating is also predominantly wood-based. The meats, particularly the sausages and the pork roasts, are wonderful. The Flammkuchen or German Pizza is another stunning dish to try. As for the beers, the draft bottle goes without asking. Always packed with locals and tourists alike, this restaurant is definitely not to be missed.


Stovchen is another restaurant popular with locals and tourists alike. The restaurant, especially during weekends, gets really busy and vibrant at night. They also have sales or special events and alcohol goes at a very small quality, much cheaper in certain situations than distilled water. The food served here is a typical German-style, with roasts, sausages and potatoes, but they do have vegetarian items such as salads and very large servings. Both outdoor and indoor seating is open. The restaurant always stays open until late.

BBQ Karlsruhe, Germany
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