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Famous Belgian waffles
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Best Things to Do in Liege (Belgium)- All that you need to know!

Liege, situated along the Meuse River is the largest city in Belgium’s French-speaking Wallonia region. At first glance, the city might seem reserved and almost shy, but it is a huge commercial and cultural hub in Belgium. Wealthy churches, medieval buildings, top-class museums and art galleries in Liege makes it one of Europe’s top cities. Liege has enough to keep any traveller busy for about a week. If you are into art and architecture, there cannot be a better heaven to experience. Heading to this Belgium’s eastern hub? These are the best things you could do in Liege!

10 Best Things to Do in Liege

This tranquil city along the banks of Meuse River is one of Europe’s most sought after city across all the travellers. Lovely people, vibrant nightlife, delicious cuisine and architectural wonders being the major reasons. Let’s find out the best things to do in Liege.

1. Climb the Montagne de Bueren

Montagne de Bueren in winter
Credits: Google images

Montagne de Bueren is a 374-step staircase in Liege, named after the revolutionary figure of Vincent de Bueren. It was built to honour the 600 soldiers who dies in the battle of 1881. You might discover private gardens and hidden treasures along your climb. At the summit of Montagne de Bueren, you will find a war memorial along with some of the best panoramic views of the city. Interesting fact- Montagne de Bueren was ranked as #1 on the list of Most Extreme Staircases!

2. Visit St Paul Cathedral

best things to visit in Liege- St Paul Cathedral
Credits: Google images

The St Paul Cathedral also known as the Liege Cathedral was built in the 15th Century. The building is a classic example of Gothic architecture especially the pulpit, vaults and ceiling. Several treasures were brought to the cathedral including many precious gold and silver ornaments during its demolition in the 18th century. Believe it or not, King Lambert’s skull is also a part of that treasure. Must visit place in Liege for its unique architecture and historical importance.

3. Experience the Walloons way of life

Wallonia culture
Credits: Google images

Walloons is a distinctive ethnic community native to Belgium. With a population of over 3.2 million, visitors can get a glimpse of these sweet people during their visit here. Primarily famous for their contribution to modern art, people here engage in many unique festivals, theatre shows and processions. These people are very hospitable and you should surely try out their costumes and way of living for a day or two.

4. Explore the Art Paradise at Grand Curtius

Top attraction in Liege- Grand Curtius
Credits: Google images

The Curtius Museum is a well-known museum of archaeology and decorative arts set in a restored mansion from the 17th Century. This building belonged to a wealthy entrepreneur and it was his idea to bring together four small museum collections as you see today. It will easily take you a full day to explore the vast collections here. This is surely a must-visit for families who are travelling with kids. The whole setting of this museum in itself is very gorgeous along the banks of Meuse River.

5. Get awe-struck at the Liege-Guillemins Station

Top places to visit- Liege-Guillemins Station
Credits: Google images

Liege-Guillemins railway station is one of the most important hubs in Belgium. Its astonishing modern architecture will certainly take your breath away. Built by the Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, its curved, sweeping design is reminiscent of something from a sci-fi film. Wanna experience one of Belgium’s impressive high-speed trains? Liege-Guillemins is surely one of the three stations where you can catch one from!

6. Witness the beautiful Musee Des Beaux-Arts de Liege

Arts de Liege
Credits: Google images

Beaux-Arts de Liege might be an unattractive building from the outside, but you will surely think otherwise after visiting it. The museum is an unflattering concrete building, constructed around the 1980s. But the art collections from medieval works to more contemporary pieces will surely interest you. It is surely one of the Best Things to visit during your Liege vacation.

7. Take a Nighttime Stroll to the City Hall

Walk through the city hall in Liege
Credits: Google images

The Liege City Hall or Hotel de Ville, is an imposing but elegant building on the city’s main square. If you want to see the best of this building, we recommend visiting at night when it is gloriously lit up by red spotlights. Place du Marche, is home to a few good cafes and authentic restaurants. It is the best place to drink a coffee and witness a true European style.

8. Visit The Palace of the Prince-Bishops

The Palace of the Prince-Bishops
Credits: Google images

The Palace of the Prince-Bishops is a historical building in the centre of Liege. Overlooking the St-Lambert Cathedral, the first palace was built here over 1,000 years ago. The palace is now largely the same as in the 18th century and holds immense importance in cultural terms. It is a great blend of “seriousness and grandiose” as described by Victor Hugo once. This palace is currently used as a courthouse.

9. Have a soul-filling meal at the Les Terrasses

Famous Belgian waffles in Liege
Credits: Unsplash

Grab a taste of the authentic Liebe cuisine at the Les Terrasses. From Belgian Fries, Moules-Frites to Speculaas there is so much to explore here which is truly soul-filling. Belgian Frites in traditional paper cones are amazing here and the national dish of Belgium. Just sit back and enjoy a proper meal here an old classic restaurant. Your trip to Belgium is surely incomplete with the yummy Belgian waffles!

10. Get a glimpse of Mosan Art

Mosan Art in Liege
Credits: Google images

Musee d’Art Religieux Et D’art Mosan, as the name suggests houses some of the greatest forms of Mosan art. Begin a tour on the 3rd floor of the building to explore some stunning statues along with the saint of hunting St Hubert. The most notable is a wood carving of the Virgin Mary dating back to the 11th century.

Belgium is surely known for more than its waffles. Stunning architectures, museums and cultural buildings will leave you awe-struck. Planning for your Belgium vacation? Reach out the experts at Pickyourtrail for your tailor-made Belgium itinerary. Customize it as per your likes!

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