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Lille, France
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These Best Things to Do in Lille attracts tourists from around the world

Lille is the capital of the region of Hauts-de-France in northern France, close to the Belgian frontier. It was once a significant trading centre of French Flanders, a cultural centre and a bustling university city today, and many Flemish factors remain. Vieux Lille, the historic centre is characterized by brick townhouses, paved streets and the large central square, Grand Place, dating back to the 17th century.

Lille, France
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Things to do 

Full of life, music, festivals, art and all sorts of fun places and events to discover, Lille is one of France’s most friendly cities for young adults, without hesitation.


In addition to being a fortified military base with a mind-blowing history, the renowned star-shaped citadel is also a self-contained town. Built by order of King Louis XIV, the ‘Sun King,’ it currently houses at any given time around 1,000 soldiers and foreign legionnaires. Aside from selected open days, only guided visits are allowed to the public, so please remember to book a spot beforehand.


A visit to a French market is a sensory experience and a visit to the lively and exciting Wazemes Market in Lille is no different. We sell mounds of fish, regional cheeses and tempting charcuterie, as well as unique textures and tastes from far and large that fit this melting-pot district ‘s foreign clientele.

Pride Parade

What started in the 1990s as a gay pride parade has increased in both popularity and reach. It has also slowly become more of a ‘knowledge-gathering’ drawing a number of diverse organisations and organizations from all walks of life who are all able to share their disagreements but, above all, to show what binds them together … and to learn that Lille sure knows how to throw a party.

La Braderie

Braderie de Lille is France’s largest open-air flea market, with a long tradition that goes back to the 12th century. Those not in vintage finds and rummaging through antiquities, the real fun is going on around the main event. Alternatively, there are hundreds of concerts, songs, street parties and dances to appreciate.

Chic karaoke

Have a private studio at Singing Studio for a karaoke party for groups of 4 and more. Participate in the annual lounge session for those who want a wider crowd.

Beer week

Lille has a long and thriving brewing culture that picks up fever pitch during beer week every October. Discover and taste local beers, and enjoy the special events, bike rides, conferences, and games programme. It is a fun time for twenty-somethings to meet the local people, make friends and expand their appreciation for beer.

Old cathedral, Lille
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The hospital

Find a fascinating museum of rare drawings, tapestries, and sculptures based on Flemish heritage in a renovated hospice built by Countess Jeanne de Flandre in 1237. Visit the recovery quarters, the kitchens, the church, the dormitory of the retired nuns and an impressive greenhouse that also cultivates the same medicinal plants used to treat patients back in the day.

The cinema

Movie watchers select a bottle, food, or snack from the bar at the back of the large screening room in this rare movie house and then choose a spot on one of the cosy sofas. The screenings can include anything from dance, painting, music or theatre, shorts, worldwide animated films and cult films. There is a nominal ‘membership’ € 1 ($1.18) and an entry fee of €4 ($4.71).

Vanilla cream waffle

An emblematic institution established in 1761, Méert is Lille’s most popular patisserie mainly because they create the fourée gaufre, a small and delicate waffle full of vanilla cream. It was a favourite of the illustrious General Charles de Gaulle, a native of Lille. The pastry shop is great, and the tasty finger-licking is pretty much something on sale.

Stock exchange

Old Stock Exchange is one of Lille’s prettiest buildings. During the day and on Sunday nights, the place comes alive with tango dancers, there’s a wonderful second hand and vintage book store here.

A skirt bar

Get a fitting skirt at ‘skirt bar’ in Lille. Sit down for a cup of tea and a cupcake while the experts perform an examination of the form and then determine the most suitable template, design and match. Guaranteed faith boosts.

DIY collective

At Ze Fabrik, a forum where aspiring DIYers will study, exchange, explore new skills and support fellow artisans along the way, awaken a secret ability. Purchase all the supplies you need on-site, so use all the equipment at hand to tap the experts’ brains. They sell furniture, clothes, furnishings, and jewellery. Who knows what? This could be the beginning of a fruitful career.


Climbing to the 104-meter (341.2-foot) high tower requires some energy, but the panoramic view is absolutely worth it. The Belfry City Hall is one of Lille’s most identifiable architectural landmarks, and the tallest in the entire city.


The thriving district of Euralille is home to business and office buildings, hotels, a gigantic shopping complex, a casino … With more than 100 shops in one of France’s largest shopping malls, just about everybody is bound to find something to interest them.

Euralille, France
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It is called estaminets, the small regional restaurants serving Flemish specialities. Try one of the typical dishes such as carbonate, a beef stew cooked in beer, waterzoï, creamy sauce poultry or fish dish, a steaming bowl of moulds and fries, or potjevleesch, the local aspic terrine.

‘Crazy’ house

When Lille became European Capital of Culture in 2004, the unique spaces of the Maisons Folies were developed in renovated buildings throughout the region. Such facilities include libraries, art galleries, and places for special events. From seminars on the sculpture to a salon, consider all manner of fascinating practices and uses nowadays.

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Lille france
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