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Things to do in Norwich
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Things to Do in Norwich (Norfolk, England)

The beautiful town of Norwich has a past of a long and glorious millennium. The Greeks, Normans and even one of the biggest settlements outside London once stayed there. Now it is a thriving city and the first UNESCO literature city in England. Located just 161 kilometres outside London, Norwich also offers a stunning architectural variety combined with lots of places to visit that the adventurous child would be in you. We have curated a list of awesome spots to make you happy. Let’s dive right into the top ten things to do in Norwich.

Top 10 things to do in Norwich

  • Norwich Castle Museum & Art Gallery
  • St. John The Baptist Cathedral
  • Norwich Cathedral
  • Norwich Market
  • Sainsbury Centre
  • Plantation Garden
  • Adam & Eve
  • Blickling Hall
  • Felbrigg Hall
  • The Broads

1. Norwich Castle Museum & Art Gallery

The castle of Norwich was built in the 11th century by William the Conqueror, the successful first Norman king of England. It was supposed to be a fortified city of East Anglia, but since then it has been the only Norman King stronghold. In 1894 the Norwich Museum moved to and from the castle ‘s grounds. You will learn more about the history of the castle in the museum and appreciate a small collection of fine art, archaeology and also many other artefacts that will captivate everyone.

2. St. John The Baptist Cathedral

The Church of St. John the Baptist is yet another lovely cathedral. This church has an equally significant position in Norwich, albeit not so ancient as the Norwich Church. The Cathedral, constructed from 1882 to 1910, was originally called John the Baptist parish church. This is not just one of the spiritual things to do in Norwich but also gives you some sort of relief from the busy city life.

This has been donated as a donation to the Catholics of Norwich by the 15th Duke of Norfolk. Yet it was sanctified as a cathedral in 1976, and by then it was the Bishop of East Anglia ‘s seat. Also, the beautiful cathedral is the second oldest cathedral in Britain.

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3. Norwich Cathedral

Norwich Cathedral
Source: Google Images

The majestic Cathedral of Norwich had a history long before the Middle Ages. This cathedral started construction in 1096 and was finished roughly in 1145. Norman architectural signs in this cathedral are most prominent. Time experiments were carried out in the original Norman tower and are still high with a wooden spiral-wrapped in plumage. In addition to this, some of the largest in England is the cloister within the cathedral and in the area of the cathedral.

4. Norwich Market

Norwich Market
Source: Google Images

Also, the Norwich Market has been operating for the past 900 years as the biggest open-air market in Britain. Monday to Saturday the market is open from 8.30 a.m. — 17:30. which is a mecca for tourists who want to taste the local goods of Norwich, and other items such as shoes, henna and more. This is a famous spot in Norwich not to be overlooked because people from all over the world can visit this marketplace here at least once. Visiting the Norwich market is one of the things to do in Norwich to keep yourself on the toes.

5. Sainsbury Centre

The Centre for Visual Arts Sainsbury is a splendid art gallery and museum situated in the campus of East Anglia University. The structure was designed by Norman Foster, then an anonymous architect. This consists of a selection of pieces by numerous artists from various European eras. Additionally, much of the collection was rendered from the University’s gift by Sir Robert Sainsbury and his parents. Of course, to those who have an intrinsic curiosity in arts, it is a fascinating place. This is one of the best things to do in Norwich if you are an art lover.

6. Plantation Garden

Plantation Garden
Source: Google Images

The Plantation Garden is situated next to St. John’s Cathedral The Baptist. This is a renovated Victorian city garden which Henry Trevor, a Norwich shopkeeper, built 140 years ago. You will visit this garden for a nominal fee of 2,60 USD and turn backwards in time to the Victorian era. Within this park, including the Italian terrace and Gothic fountain, there are extensive architectural details from the 19th century. Also, the calm of this garden is incomparable, which will entice you to know more about the beautiful garden.

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7. Adam & Eve

Adam & Eve
Source: Google Images

The popular Adam & Eve pub is right next to Norwich Castle. It is generally regarded as Norwich ‘s oldest pub with earliest referrals from 1249. This used to be a brewery in the cathedral for workers who founded this. They were paid in bread and wine for their hard service and also for education. It was run at this period by Benedictine monks, so it has become one of the pubs you have to frequent in Norwich on your stay.

8. Blickling Hall

The Blickling Hall is a lovely historic building in the Blickling Country. This once belonged to the English knight during the hundred years’ war Sir John Fastolf of Caister. The land was sold to the Boleyn family from whom came the legendary Anne Boleyn. The story has it that her headless ghost appears at the Estate Blickling while pulling a horse coach on the anniversary of their death. The hall ‘s estate has a wide and exquisite garden that is open to the general public amid the creepy legend.

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9. Felbrigg Hall

In Felbrigg Estate is the marvellous Felbrig Lobby. The hall is included on England’s Grade I National Heritage Register. The entire property originally belonged to the Felbrigg family, but later it belonged to the Wyndham family until the 1960s. Ownership has been passed to the National Trust without any successor to the house. There are two large garden areas with different styles and architectures in the vast estate which surrounds Felbrigg Hall.

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10. The Broads

The Broads comprise a whole network of rivers and lakes created by grass flooding. While it seems ordinary, the Broads had been made by people by medieval excavations of turkey. In the 1950s, Dr Joyce Lambert discovered that the sides of the deep lakes were straight rather than sloping gently like a pool. Also, the place is now a scenic landscape that will mesmerize anyone who sails its waters. Sailing in calm waters is one of the relaxing things to do in Norwich.

I’m pretty sure at least a few of you would have already picked your choices from the list of things to do in Norwich. What are you waiting for? Get in touch with the destination experts from Pickyourtrail to get your next United Kingdom vacation according to your needs. Need more info before planning? Also, check out our guides pages or leave a Whatsapp inquiry for more options.

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