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Best Things to Do in Reykjavik
Written by Haranya S on July 13, 2021 Share on

10 Best Things to do in Reykjavik (Iceland)

Reykjavik is the Capital city of Iceland with Stunning natural beauty. Popularly referred to as the land of Ice and Fire. It is a safe and very friendly capital city. Reykjavik is the largest Iceland with a mystical landscape, snow-covered volcanoes, ice fields, water adventures, and mountains. A great destination for all solo travelers and families too. Here see the list of things to do in Reykjavik Iceland.

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10 Must Things to do in Iceland

  • Active Volcano hiking
  • Silfra snorkeling
  • Snowmobiling
  • Ice Tunnel Tour
  • Hallgrimskirkja
  • Whale Watching
  • Harpa
  • Blue Lagoon
  • Northern Lights
  • The Sun Voyager

1. Active Volcano Hiking in peninsula

A Once in lifetime opportunity to experience an active volcano that is lying over a period of 800 years. The Beautiful lava is slowly snaking its way down a closed valley into the sky. The total hiking will take approximately 1.5-2 hours each way and therefore the trail is conveniently marked. Not suitable for children under 6 years and People with mobility impairments. It said that difficult for inexperienced hikers and moderate for experienced people.

Active volcano in Reykjavik
Things to do in Reykjavik
Image source: Unsplash

2. Silfra snorkeling

Silfra Fissure is the world’s most astonishing underwater site in Pingvellir National Park. The snorkeling tour will take place for about 2-3 hours. You will swim in a drysuit or wetsuit between North American and Eurasian tectonic plates where the visibility exceeds 100 meters.

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silfra snorkeling in iceland
Things to do in Reykjavik
Image source: Pexels

3. Snowmobiling

The most popular activity in Reykjavik. Driving a snowmobile is straightforward and really fun, especially if you enjoy driving in general! It’s quite active, as well, as you would like to use your body to steer better. The entire activity sounds pretty cold, but no need to worry about it. As you’re given warm clothes and a kit, you do not get to worry about getting cold! The snowsuits are incredibly effective, and that they will keep you warm even on the highest of a glacier!

Snowmobiling activity in Iceland
Things to do in Reykjavik
Image source: Unsplash

4. Ice Tunnel tour

While you are in Reykjavik, don’t forget to experience the Ice Tunnel Tour. This Half-mile long ice tunnel is man-made built by specialized engineers and geophysicists after nearly 5 years of research. This can be white, blue, or even black. It is constantly changing, so they may look different daily. The best time to visit Ice Tunnel is from mid-November until about mid-March.

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Ice tunnel tour in Langjökull Glacier
Things to do in Reykjavik
Image source: Unsplash

5. Hallgrimskirkja

Every day, hundreds of visitors and locals go to Reykjavik’s most popular church in Iceland. It is 244 feet high building, took 41 years to build it. You can take a lift to the highest of the huge structure and stand atop the viewing deck for a panoramic scene of the capital and its surrounding mountains. In fact, one among the simplest panoramic views of the town from the observation deck at the highest Hallgrimskirkja’s steeple.

hallgrimskirkja church in Iceland
Things to do in Reykjavik
Image source: Unsplash

6. Whale watching from a Yacht

When it comes to sightseeing it’s a Whale watching tour that is generally available all year long. It is a 3 hours Whale watching tour to get explore more varieties of whales. Admire the beauty not only below the sea but above. The best time to go is between April and September. Don’t miss out on this lifetime experience.

Katla whale watching
Things to do in Reykjavik
Image source: Pexels

7. Harpa

Whoa! It’s time to visit the Harpa, Glass honeycomb concert hall, and conference center. You can see melting icebergs outside of the entrance, welcoming guests of the Arctic Circle climate action conference. It opened in 2011 and 7 million visitors have passed through its doors. The hexagon-shaped glass structure dominates Harpa inside and out.

the modern sculpture Harpa 
Things to do in Reykjavik
Image source: Unsplash

8. Blue Lagoon

Iceland’s famous Blue lagoon is with a natural rising sky and bright blue water. Its milky blue water appearance is like something out of a dream that just about everyone’s bucket list to visit at least once. It’s a volcanic country that is very busy still developing, However, the Blue Lagoon does get its hot water from a geothermal power plant. It is one of the crowded tourist attractions.

blue lagoon spa in Iceland
things to do in Reykjavik
Image source: Unsplash

9. Northern Lights

Enjoy the best nightlife northern lights in a calm city. It is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Reykjavik. Beautiful winter view of Iceland with Northern light and snowcapped mountains. Don’t forget to take a picture of a great opportunity you will ever come across. Breathtaking to behold and see them dance across the blackened night sky is incredible.

northern lights in Reykjavik
Things to do in Reykjavik
Image source: Unsplash

10. The Sun Voyager

This Sun Voyager Sculpture is the most popular attraction sculpture in the capital city. It is close to the city center, in only a few minute’s walking distance east of Harpa Concert Hall. On sunny days, people gather around the sculpture to be delight by the sun reflecting within the chrome steel structure with the view of the range Esja across the bay. So beautiful!

The sun voyager sculpture
Things to do in Reykjavik
Image source: Unsplash

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