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These Best Things to Do in Riga are a must inclusion on your Vacation

Riga, the capital of Latvia, is located at the head of the Daugava River on the Baltic Sea in Europe. It is considered a cultural centre and has many museums and concert halls as its home. The city is famous for its wooden buildings, art nouveau architecture and medieval Old Town. There are several stores and restaurants in the pedestrian-only Old Town and it is host to lively Livu Square with bars and nightclubs.

Riga, Latvia
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Riga is a UNESCO World Heritage site with cobblestones and breathtaking views of the river, as well as the Wifi capital of Europe with nearly 1,000 spots to get online for free.

Top places to visit in Riga

Latvian Ethnographic Open Air Museum

People enjoying the countryside and history will definitely love this museum outside. It’s also a great opportunity to get acquainted with Latvian traditions and the daily lives of Latvian farmers and villagers.

Riga Zoo

Anyone who enjoys animals needs to visit the Riga Zoo and come across hundreds of various species from tigers to lions to flamingos. The admission costs only six euros so it’s definitely a deal!

Nativity Cathedral

Before the First World War, Nativity Cathedral was transformed from Orthodox to Lutheran but it reverted to Orthodox after the War. This stunning masterpiece of architecture is undoubtedly a must-visit place in Riga which will leave you amazed.

Riga Motor Museum

Riga Motor Museum contains over 100 vintage cars and motorcycles. Every motorcycle fan needs to find some time to visit this location and learn more about the history of Baltic States vehicles over the years.

Riga Old Town

Riga Old Town belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage site list and is arguably the most magnificent part of Riga. To learn all about the Latvian culture, see unique architecture and appreciate the history of Latvia, one must visit.

Dome square, Riga
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Latvian National Theater

Latvian National Theatre, established between 1899-1902, is Latvia ‘s largest theatre. Any of the most significant cultural activities take place here, but even though you come during the quiet hours, the stunning elegance of the structure itself can amaze you.

Freedom Monument

If Americans are proud of the Statue of Liberty, so Latvians should have their Memorial of Independence! This huge 42-metre-high monument is an iconic symbol of Latvia, built to honour soldiers who died in 1918-1920 during the Latvian War of Independence. Till you see it, your journey to Riga won’t be complete.

Bremen Town Musicians

Bremen Town Musicians is a quirky, legendary fairytale statue. It is situated in Riga Old Town and is one of the most touristic places as people come here to say lovely stories to their kids and take fun photos.

Dome square,Central Riga
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Pērkons Saule Daugava

This is a must-visit for the street art lovers. Pērkons Saule Daugava, created by famous Latvian street artists Rudens Stencil and Kiwie, is the biggest graffiti in the Baltic states. More than 1,500 spray cans were used to make this graffiti of 800 square metres!

Skyline Bar

Skyline Bar is the best spot to grab a beer and see Riga from above. It’s one of Riga’s most fanciful bars and if you want a nice evening, make sure you book a table a few days before.


Noass is a contemporary cultural centre, located on the Daugava River floating platforms. Entrance is free and there are plenty of lovely exhibits to visit. In addition, there are other cultural activities taking place in Noass. On top of that, you’ll get Riga’s finest panoramic views as a treat, so make sure to bring your bag!

St. Peter’s Church

Probably the most iconic church in Riga, St. Peter’s Church stands proudly by the Daugava River since 1209. You can even climb to the top of the tower and enjoy beautiful views from the top-up.

Vērmanes Garden

Vērmanes Garden is Riga ‘s oldest park and one of the favourite spots for the residents to escape from the rapid speed of urban life. There are plenty of various activities occurring every day in the park and you can encounter nice locals as well. All you need to bring is a good mood, and perhaps a blanket to sit down.

St. Alexander Nevsky Church

Pt. Alexander Nevsky Church in Riga is a splendid Orthodox building. Whether or not you believe in God, you will visit this church and admire all the hard work that went into constructing this glorious structure. The church is amazing both inside and outside so make sure you take your time and fully explore it.

Victory Park

Victory Park is a lovely little park in the centre of Riga, with a massive Soviet memorial. Although the monument was created to celebrate the victory against the Nazis in the Second World War, many Latvians do not like it because it reminds them of the Soviet Union too much.

Latvian Railway History Museum

One of the hidden gems in Riga is the Latvian Railway History Museum which you should definitely visit, particularly if you like trains. This museum holds a number of old locomotives, train machinery, devices, and other fascinating displays.

Laima Clock

Laima Clock is located near the Freedom Monument and is definitely one of Riga’s most important spots. It was the meeting point for couples several years ago, so it still has a very romantic vibe.

Miera Iela

Miera Iela is Latvia’s hippest square, home to many local pubs and clubs. If you have at least some hipster inside you, you ‘re going to love Miera Iela and all the crazy people inside!

National Library of Latvia

Latvia’s National Library is one of the country ‘s finest structures, perceived by many locals to be an architectural marvel. After one have enjoyed the house, one can enjoy even more inside! The National Library contains thousands of books about everything, so if you want to learn Latvian history, you should definitely spend some time here.

Riga Synagogue

Riga Synagogue is the only functioning synagogue in Riga so it is a must-visit for people close to Jewish culture and want to learn a little more about the lives of Latvian Jews over the years.

Riga, Latvia
Source: Unsplash

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