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9 Best Things to Do in Sarpsborg (Norway) For a Fantastic Vacation

The most powerful waterfalls in Europe is moments away from the industrial centre on the Glomma River in Sarpsborg. Sarp Falls is an urban landscape with three power stations capturing energy. Sarpsborg has a rich cultural heritage amid paper mills and factories. In the municipality, there are bronze age carvings. Bjørnstadskipet, a set of three ships dating back three thousand years, is among its highlights. In this listicle, we go through the best things to do in Sarpsborg ( Norway).

Top 9 things to do in Sarpsborg (Norway)

  • Sarpefossen (Sarp Falls)
  • Hafslund Hovedgård (Hafslund Manor)
  • Fredrikstad
  • Kulåsparken
  • Borgarsyssel Museum
  • Bjørnstadskipet
  • INSPIRIA Science Centre
  • Sandvika Badeplass, Høysand
  • Kjerringåsen Alpinsenter

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1. Sarpefossen (Sarp Falls)

One of the most potent waterfalls in Europe is on the Glomma River and a quick walk from the centre of the town of Sarpsborg. The Dettifoss is indeed larger in Iceland and the Rhine Falls are larger in Switzerland. But, with 577 compared to 200 and 500 respectively, Sarp Falls surpasses both for cubic meters per second.

There are views from the eastern side of the falls, and a road and railway cross the waterfalls from upwards. Sarp Falls is as industrial as a natural marvel, as water supplies only three power plants, two on the east and one on the west, respectively.

2. Hafslund Hovedgård (Hafslund Manor)

In Norway, Hafslund was almost unequalled and in the 17th century was a magnificent estate that became an independent society. The heyday of the manor was first owned by Maren Juel, Norway ‘s richest woman and then by the wood trader and industrialist Benjamin Wegner, in the 18th and 19thcenturies. Subsequently, power from the nearby Sarp Falls started to be used.

3. Fredrikstad

Source: Google Images

Track down Glomma South and you will be in Fredrikstad, the sister city of Sarpsborg, in only minutes. If you only see something here, turn it into the Old Town shielded by the 17th-century star castle. In 1567 after the Seven Years ‘ War over Sweden, Fredrikstad was the first Gothic settlement in Norway.

The old town is perfectly surrounded by cobblestone streets, which combine baroque and creaky wooden houses. Also, aspiring historians have a field day, watching ravelins and bastions over the walls of the earth.

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4. Kulåsparken

How many public parks around the world could claim an old tomb? Ok, from the years 200-300 AD, Kulåsparken has 40 big and small funeral mounds. Kulåsparken has 3.7 km of labelled hiking trails, which are signposted for each km and half kilometres, as part of its community maintenance programme.

A few old building, such as Borregaard Hovedgård Manor House from the 19th century, can also be looked for. This structure was seen all over the world in 1993 when clandestine negotiations contributed to the Oslo Deal among Palestine and Israel.

5. Borgarsyssel Museum

Formed in 1921 and named after Borgarsysla, the Old Norse name for the region, this Østfold County museum takes its name. The site selected for the museum was the area around St. Nikolai ‘s mysterious ruins that date from the early XII century. The ruins belong to an urban museum that contains 20 historical buildings which have been relocated from many locations in the county of Østfold.

Borgarsyssel Museum
Source: Google Images

The Olav Chapel, constructed to honour the 900th anniversary of the death of Olaf II, the father of Sarpsborg, and the holy “Perpetual King of Norway,” is among the halls for display. In fact, the fantastic Borgkrusifikset, a cross made in the city of Limoges in France at the beginning of the 13th century, is shown here.

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6. Bjørnstadskipet

With more than 600 rock sculptures recorded, Sarpsborg has more antique rock sculptures than any other town in Norway. The closest is about three kilometres from downtown Haugeveien on the Haugeveien main route. In the Bronze Age around 3,000 years ago, the Bjørnstaden skippet consisted of three sails, one wide and two small, which were cut into a massive granite rock facing.

The largest 4×1.5-meter picture in Europe is thought to be the largest of its type. The Bjørnstadskipet is the best local example of stone sculpture, but you will lose your entire day journeying through Østfold and finding more in Borge and Skjeberg if it has evoked more.

7. INSPIRIA Science Centre

Tesla model s at INSPIRIA Science Centre
Source: Google Images

The immersive science museum of the Sarpsborg region of Grålum is located in a building which seems to have been re-established. Children can monitor robots, watch an infrared video, feel zero gravity in a gyroscope, give us a prediction of the weather and much more. Freaky experiments in the Inspiria lab, an outdoor playground and one of Norway’s most developed planetariums are also on the agenda.

8. Sandvika Badeplass, Høysand

Although Sandvika Badeplass is still a precious place to bathe in the Skjebergkilen Fjord in Sarpsborg approximately 15 mins south of the village. In the summer, when tourists flock to cottages or campsites on the fjord, the neighbouring town of Høysand exposes.

Sandvika Badeplass is surrounded by the fjord ‘s mild waters with an attractive, sandy beach. In addition to this, Granite rocks and a vast grassy meadow shaded with birch and conifer are the seaside’s trimming. Near the water are a refreshment kiosk and a 54-hole mini-golf course at peak season.

9. Kjerringåsen Alpinsenter

Sarpsborg is the largest ski resort in Østfold, with five ski areas, three lifts and a 146-metre-high altitude difference. Alpinsenter is not big but offers skiers and snowboarders a boost for enthusiastic downhill skiing enthusiasms. The longest track is 650 meters, all five with snow cannons and infrastructure for snowmaking.

 Kjerringåsen Alpinsenter
Source: Google Images

A ski school has been built exclusively for children. Also, each of the five pistes (Children’s Bowl) has its own lift. The café overlooks the middle and is known for its tasty waffles.

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