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Lennon Wall,things to do in Prague
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10 Best Things to Do in Prague – Czech these out already!

Prague has some of the best architectural wonders in Europe. You have the Prague Castle, all-time famous Charles Bridge, Old Town boasting the Astronomical Clock and the dancing house of Frank Gehry. Don’t just stop there for you have a good load of beer hubs, puppet shows, opera halls, Czech cuisine and many other offbeat things over here! Make use of our list of best things to do in Prague and start planning for your Europe travel already!

10 Top Things to Do in Prague

  • Old Town Square
  • Charles Bridge
  • Karlovy Lázne nightclub
  • Infant Jesus of Prague
  • Prague Astronomical Clock
  • The Gold Lane
  • Prague Castle
  • KGB Museum
  • Sigmund Freud
  • Lennon Wall

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1. Old Town Square

old town square,things to do in Prague
Image credit- wallpaperstudio10

Ever since its establishment in the 12th century, The Old Town Square is known for its excellent architecture, vibrant colours and glorious history. This town square is where you can get the perfect views of the city. Ever since it’s origination, the Old Town Square has got new additions like the Prague Astronomical Clock and Jan Hus monument.

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2. Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge,things to do in Prague
Image credit- askideas

Connecting the Old Town and Lesser Town, Charles Bridge is erected over the Vltava river in Prague. Constructed under Petr Parléř and commissioned by Czech king, the Charles Bridge used to be called the Stone Bridge in the initial days. When you are here, chill by the bridge, purchase souvenirs and check out the 30 saint statues along the bridge.

3. Karlovy Lázne nightclub

Karlovy Lázne nightclub,things to do in Prague
Image credit- prague-stay

If you want to enjoy an amazing nightlife, head to Karlovy Lázne nightclub. Located about 150 feet from Charles Bridge, the nightclub has retained the remains from the past like the mosaic wall tiling and Roman spa-pools which are currently used as dance floors. Karlovy Lázne nightclub is not only the largest club in Prague but is the largest nightclub complex in the whole of Europe.

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4. Infant Jesus of Prague

Infant Jesus of Prague,things to do in Prague
Image credit- wikipedia

Housed in Mala Strana which is the city’s centre point, the Infant Jesus of Prague is a famous Catholic statue of Lord Jesus as an infant. The place will be a bit crowded due to pilgrims who take regular visits to get the blessings of Lord Jesus. However, we’d ask you to visit this church early in the morning. The whole statue is enclosed in a golden shrine and attracts many tourists – making it one of the top things to do in Prague.

5. Prague Astronomical Clock

Prague Astronomical Clock,things to do in Prague
Image credit- lonelyplanet

Make a visit to the Old Town Hall where you get to check out the Prague Astronomical Clock – the most talked about clock in Europe. Built in the 15th century, this clock has three main parts – one dial that shows the astronomical movements of Sun and Moon, an hourly clock whose movement is represented by ‘the walk of Apostles’ and a calendar dial with medallions representing the months. Till today, the locals believe the legend according to which neglect of the clock will bring miseries to the city.

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6. The Gold Lane

The Gold Lane,things to do in Prague
Image credit- czechtourism

Located in the inner grounds of the Prague castle, the Golden Lane got its name from the legendary tales on how the alchemists had to take just one look at this street objects to turn it into gold. The famous Czech-Jewish writer Franz Kafka used to own a house on the Gold lane. Take a visit to this quirky lane and see if you can get some gold conversion done 🙂

7.  Prague Castle

Prague Castle,things to do in Prague
Image credit- hrad

The Prague Castle is in Hradcany and is one of the top tourist attractions in Prague. Constructed under the leadership of Czech rulers, this has become the official residence of the president. You can check out this castle for free. However, if you want to check out St Vitus Cathedral and Basilica of St George, you would need an entry ticket.

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8.  KGB Museum

KGB Museum,things to do in Prague
Image credit- estonianexperience

The small museum of KGB was constructed by a Russian enthusiast and is home to a good load of souvenirs which belong with the secret police of the Soviet Union. If you are in luck, you’ll be given a tour of this museum by the collector himself. Once inside, check out the different types of spy cameras, weapons and other types of equipment which were used for interrogation purposes. You can also check out the local photographs clicked in the year 1968 by the police officers of KGB.

9. Sigmund Freud

Sigmund Freud,things to do in Prague
Image credit- intltravelnews

Take a stroll in the Stare Mesto arena and look up. Don’t be stunned if you find a seven-foot-tall sculpture, of Sigmund Freud – a famous psychoanalyst, hanging from a metal beam. This quirky artwork is quite popular that, replicas of the same have been made in top cities of Chicago, London and Berlin.

10. Lennon Wall

Lennon Wall,things to do in Prague
Image credit- teenkidsnews

Shrine for the Beatles fans, the Lenon Wall is covered with John Lenon and Beatles graffiti work. You can also check out the lyrics and quotes of this famous band. Even though the origin city of Beatles, Liverpool is quite far from Prague, you can find die-hard fans checking out the all-time popular Lenon wall throughout the year, making it one of the best things to do in Prague.

Prague has numerous attractions which cater to a wide arena of tastes and interests of people. Take your time to check out the best things to do in Prague and then plan your travel to Prague! Check out Czech Republic tour packages offered at Pickyourtrail and choose the right one for you for a perfect Czech travel!

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