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Kuala Lumpur at Dawn
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Best time to visit Malaysia

The wonderful country is not enough to describe Malaysia. It is so beautiful for someone who is viewing it for the first time. It will put you in a spellbound from the time you step into the airport. You will remain wordless to see the landscape of the country filled with wonderfully built buildings. It is the proud owner of the Petronas twin tower. Considered to be one of the world’s iconic building, made Malaysia very famous in the world. Malaysia has half the population of Malays with the rest being Indians, Chinese and other indigenous people. With so much positive being to its side, people always want to visit this visual spectacle. But many do not know when is the best time to actually plan a trip to Malaysia. This article gives you the best time to visit Malaysia.

The Petronas Towers (Best time to visit Malaysia)
The Petronas Towers | P.C – Google Images

Interesting Facts about Malaysia

A country with lots to offer, Malaysia has some interesting facts that can blow your mind. This only gets better when you read them yourself. So presenting you with some of the mind-blowing facts about the country.

  • Malaysia as a country declared its Independence in 1957 from the British governance.
  • Malaysia follows the rotating monarchy system. Nine ethnic Malay kings govern the country in rotation on a 5-year term.
  • Two main landmasses, Peninsular Malaysia and Malaysia Borneo split by the South China sea make Malaysia.
  • The Petronas tower in the Capital city of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur was the world’s largest building between 1998 – 2003.
  • One of the UNESCO world heritage sites, Mount Kinabalu is in Malaysia. This Mount is every explorer’s dream.
  • Most of the Malaysians are obsessed with foods. Every nook and corner you will be able to find a food stall with deliciously made food.

Best time to visit Malaysia:

The best time to visit Malaysia is between the months are the dry season months between December and February. These months for the west coast. If for East Coast May through September would be an ideal time to visit.

When to visit Kuala Lumpur

Visit Kuala Lumpur to enjoy the Tropical climate. The city goes to summer and shower with good intervals throughout the year. If you wish to have a very dry vacation, don’t expect much as it may rain anytime. The driest months in Kuala Lumpur are June, July and August with July being the driest of months. April, October and November will see many days with rainfall. You will personally have one of the greatest time when you plan your visit at the right time.

Kuala Lumpur City centre (Best time to visit Malaysia)
Kuala Lumpur City centre | P.C – Google Images

When to visit Penang

Penang is famous for its Culinary treats and it is an Island. The driest of the months are between December and March. January and February is the ideal time for the visit but you will face some Scorching heat. The wettest months in Penang are September and October.

Penang Malaysia (Best time to Visit Malaysia)
Penang Malaysia | P.C – Google Images

When to Visit Malaysian Borneo

Also known as East Malaysia, it is the third-largest island in the world. The outdoor activities are the best to do on the Island which makes Summer the best month to visit it. The summer months are June, July and August. These islands house the endangered Orangutan in these lush green rainforests as there is persistent rainfall throughout the year. Rainfall hits the hardest during the months of December, January and February. So these months are not advisable to take the tour.

Borneo Mount Kinabalu Top
Borneo Mount Kinabalu Top | P.C – Google Images

When to Visit Langkawi

The Pulau Langkawi is one of the busiest islands in Malaysia. The busiest time in these Islands is the December, January and February time as the weather is at the best at this time. There is a hazard of jellyfish in the beaches throughout the year. But it is at the highest between May and October. Have a bottle of Vinegar handy as these cure the jellyfish stings.

Langkawi Suspension Bridge
Langkawi Suspension Bridge | P.C – Google Images

When to Visit Tioman Island

This island is very much closer to Singapore. It is a Duty-Free island. The Tioman Island is quiet during the summer season as the backpackers will be in the other side of Malaysia partying. The driest months are also during the Summer season which is between April and September. This is the best time to also visit if you wish to catch all the spots in complete silence and Isolation.

Tioman Island Malaysia (The best time to Visit Malaysia)
Tioman Island Malaysia | P.C – Google Images

Seasons in Malaysia


The spring months in Malaysia are free of rain and strong monsoon winds. It can be hot and sunny sometin=mes with very minimal rain on the other hand. Bring lots of Sunscreen and maybe a raincoat or umbrella.


The weird thing about summer here is that you can have rainfalls to in Malaysia depending on the location. From June to August, The country will be affected by the Southwest monsoon from Australia. Summers in Malaysia are more than 90s with humidity also being high.

Things to look out:

  • Malaysia’s Independence Day called the Hari Merdeka celebrated on August 31st. There will be Parades and enraging fireworks.
  • Rainforest world music festival is a 3-day festival celebrated during Summer.


There is minimal rainfall seen in early fall. Country’s wettest months are witnessed during November. You will see up to 11 inches of rainfall. Nights are slightly colder during the fall season, slipping to the 70s.

Things to Look out for:

  • Malaysia day is celebrated on September 16. Another Patriotic holiday for Malaysia.
  • Deepavali, the Hindu festival of lights is celebrated.


Malaysia experiences Northeast Monsoon during the winter season of Malaysia. This monsoon brings in heavy rains and strong winds. Minimal rainfall hits the western coast of the country. Rainfall is only during the afternoon and evening time. During the wintertime, beaches will be loads of fun.

Things to look out for:

The Chinese festival, considered the largest festival celebrated in Malaysia in a year usually happens in January or February.

Rainfall in Malaysia
Rainfall in Malaysia | P.C – Google Images

I hope this gives you the majority on how the seasons are in various parts of Malaysia and even in an overall view. The above mentioned are the best time to visit Malaysia. Travel with the best of customized Malaysia Tour Packages. Visit the Pickyourtrail to create your own itineraries. You will be assisted by our travel experts in building the itineraries too.

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