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Best time to Visit Shillong
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Best time to visit Shillong – The Prettiest hill station in India

With its pristine natural habitats, diverse flora and fauna, the Indian country is indeed a unique tourism destination. Not only a diverse range of wildlife and ecosystems, but India is also a cultural and historical museum to the whole world. It is one such country which showcases diverse ethnicity of various people talking various languages. To sum it up, visiting India is like opening up a box of surprises. Any place that you visit, you will be surprised. “Incredible India” name is not without a reason. And, a must-visit prettiest hill station in India is Shillong, in Meghalaya. Visit the hill station at the right time to enjoy its beauty to the fullest. So here is a guide to the best time to visit Shillong.

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View of Bangladesh from Meghalaya.
Image Credits: Google Images

Best time to Visit Shillong

Visiting Shillong will be one of the best things you will do in the Northeast. With the mesmerizing beauty of the valleys, lustrous green surroundings and scenic locations, you will simply fall in love with the destination. The capital city of Meghalaya is one amongst the places in India that can be visited in any given season. From great lakes to gushing waterfalls, this place has many tourist attractions that are real crowd pullers. You will have some good times while you are visiting this hill station in the summer and winter seasons. But the real best time to visit Shillong will be during the Spring Season.

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The beautiful lanes of Shillong
Image Credits: Photo by Inakavi Kasho on Unsplash

Summer Season:

The summers in Shillong starts from March and extends till July. Summers can be the best and the most ideal time to visit Shillong as it is very pleasant for travellers. For the travellers who are not for cold nights, Summer season is the best. The day temperature averages around 25 degrees so you can very comfortably explore the hill station. This season is the best for some of the activities like trekking, river rafting, boating, mountain biking and many more.

Summer Season in Shillong
Image Credits: Google Images

Winter Season:

The winters in Shillong starts from November and stretches up to March. The day temperature averages around 16 degrees which will be pleasant for you to go ahead and spend the morning times in peace. But for the ones who hate cold nights, this is surely not the season for you to travel. The night temperature averages around 2 degrees. This winter season is, however, is the best for honeymoon couples. Planning a Honeymoon vacation to Meghalaya? This is the right time!

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Winter season at Shillong
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Monsoon Season:

The arrival of the July month is the start of the monsoon season in Shillong. Shillong experiences heavy rainfall during this season and the monsoon season stretches up to the month of September. Some unpleasant landslides and roadblocks may ruin your trip during this season. The rainfall will surely bring an extra shade of greenery to the already existing surroundings. This is the season when you will find the hotel rooms at cheaper rates. The day temperature averages at 22 degrees and the nights are at 12 degrees.

city scape
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