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Table Mountain at Cape town, South Africa
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Best Time to Visit South Africa, Know when to visit the Land of Lion King

Whenever I see the Lion King movie, I fall in love with it. It is not only the story and the characters but the places they go through. Even though it is Animation, we would want to visit these places and click pictures there. Well somewhere close to it is the Landscapes of South Africa. It is a country that is filled with beautiful landscapes, a unique ecosystem and a wide range of wildlife. A country which is a Multiethnic society has 11 official languages. This is the fourth-highest in the world. The name South Africa is derived from its geographic location itself. The country is ranked sixth in the world among the seventeen of the world’s Megadiverse countries. There are 22,000 different higher plants, which is 9% of the known species of plants in the world. Let us have a look at the best time to visit South Africa.

Shoreline Sunset at South Africa
Shoreline Sunset at South Africa | P.C – Google Images

Best Time to Visit South Africa

South Africa has the best time to visit. This is because there is a specific time at which you can see some exotic wildlife. The best time will be between May and September. This is the dry season there and the animals are all seen around the water bodies. As this season is in the Winter season, both the mornings and the nights are cold. This is a wonderful period as it is also less cold and especially during the September season the Animal viewing is spectacular.

South Africa Storms River (Best Time to Visit South Africa)
South Africa Storms River | P.C – Google Images

May to September: (Best Time to Visit South Africa)

  • As there is less vegetation during this season, most of the animals gather around water holes which equals excellent wildlife viewing.
  • This is a season where is relatively very few mosquitos present and you will not be constantly irritated by the mosquito bites.
  • There will be very few to no rain during this time and it will constantly be sunny.
  • Both the nights and the Mornings are cold, as it is a winter season.
  • This is a low season and you will be peaceful and the park will be quiet, complimenting to your seamless wildlife viewing. This is except the Kruger park during school holidays

October to May:

  • Wildlife spotting can be difficult as the rains will be higher in this season resulting the bushes to be thicker.
  • This is the best time for bird watching as many migratory birds come in during this period.
  • The December, January and February months are very hot here. The parks are also too much crowded as it will be the school holidays during December.
  • The Rains that occur during this season are all short afternoon showers which will rarely interrupt with your tour.
  • After the first showers of rain over the region, the forests and the landscapes look green and fresh.
Lion cub Drinking Water (Best time to Visit South Africa)
Lion cub Drinking Water | P.C – Google Images

Important Points:

  1. Best time:
    All Parks from May to September
  2. High Season: (Revenue)
    October – March
  3. Low season: (Revenue)
    April – September
  4. Best Weather:
    April – May and September – October (Pleasant temperature)
  5. Worst Weather:
    June – August (Cold both in the morning and at night)

South Africa is one such places where you will find a way to actually stay with nature. It will be an escape from your routine life. Make your own itineraries during the best season in the Pickyourtrail website. Tour experts will be there to support you to create your own customized tours for South Africa Holiday packages. Follow the website, also to catch fresh content on travel.

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