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Best travel podcasts to lighten up your day

Travel photos and vlogs are one thing. But if there’s an element of travel everyone can relate to, it’s storytelling. And as long as interesting stories, interesting people and an all the more interesting world exist, podcasts will never become a thing of the past.

What better companion than a travel podcast to soak up wanderlust while you’re flying, hiking or, you know, just doing travel things? Keep your inner explorer alive with these best travel podcasts of 2020.

1. The Rough Guide to Everywhere

The podcast takes us on a feel-good ride of interesting stories from not just hardcore travellers but anyone with a good story to tell. From hitting the road without a plan to taking the vacation of a lifetime, this podcast has amusing tales from the road.

2. Indie Travel Podcast

An award-winning podcast hosted by the travel couple Craig and Linda Martin, Indie travel teems with brilliant and forgotten tricks and tales about earning while travelling.

3. Wild Ideas Worth Living

Great ideas come not from the comfort of the couch, but instead by going a little extra, by going the extra mile. The podcast follows Shelby Stanger as she hosts famous people who broke boundaries in their respective careers by breathing life into their wild ideas (inspired by the road, of course.)

4. Zero To Travel

Not everyone has the privilege of living their life as they please. Not everyone can pack their bags and just fly. But Zero To Travel suggests otherwise. The host takes the show on a lighthearted way, around travel hacks which can actually change the way we travel altogether.

5. Extra Pack of Peanuts

Travis and Heather dwell on the fact that travel need not be a once-in-a-year ritual, nor burn in a hole in our pocket. The travel-inspired couple talks about interesting and hilarious ways to travel economically without compromising the true essence of travel.

6. Globetrotter Lounge

Globetrotter Lounge is an award-winning podcast that brings seasoned travellers on board to talk about how mindful travel transforms each and every day of their lives, and how travelling differs from ‘vacaying’.

7. Armchair Explorer

If you think you are filled with limitations in everywhere you go and everything you do, Armchair Explorer is the best podcast to resort to. The podcast differs from others by keeping it simple, unadulterated and straight from the heart.

8. The Thoughtful Travel

If you believe serendipity is the best thing about travelling, and best experiences can come from anywhere and anyone, tune to Thoughtful Travel. Filled with heartwarming and positive stories, the podcast proves that the world is, after all, not such a hard place to wander around.

9. Jump

Millions of downloads and ardent followers are a couple of testaments to how refreshing and realistic the podcast is. Travel on your own terms, says the host Jackie along with realistic and simple ideas to do the same.

10. Women Who Travel

With unspoken conversations which extend beyond where to go and what to see, Women Who Travel spreads happiness and smiles by documenting people on what little ways travelling influenced them to become a CEO, or love them more or get over a traumatic past.

11. Soul Music

Soul Music is a fulfilling podcast that invites music lovers to talk about what feeling a particular song evokes in them—one song per episode. After all, what’s more soothing than music, nostalgia and human connection?

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