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waterfalls in New jersey
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Best Waterfalls in New Jersey

New Jersey is a state located in the northeastern part of the United States. The state has a stretching Atlantic coastline of about 130 miles. Jersey City is home to the famous Liberty State Park. Also, this is where ferries run to neighbouring Ellis Island, with its historical History Center, and the famed Statue of Liberty. The Jersey Shore encompasses prominent beach towns such as historic Asbury Park and Cape May. Also not to miss the Victorian architecture with everlasting charm. In this article, we take a look at some of the best waterfalls in New Jersey that one shouldn’t miss.

Apart from this, the place has a ton of waterfalls in it. Few of them are world-renowned. New Jersey’s waterfalls are so calming that tourists can walk for miles on walks only to catch a glance. New Jersey’s best waterfalls are so calming that tourists can walk for miles on walks only to catch a glance. There is a multitude of ways to go to see a waterfall, from the beautiful landscape of a hiking location to the centre of what was once a-powerful industrial area.

Top waterfalls in New Jersey

  • Hemlock Falls
  • Tillman Ravine
  • Paterson Great Falls
  • Otter Hole
  • Buttermilk falls

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1. Hemlock Falls

Nestled in the South Mountain Reservation in West Orange, Hemlock Falls is a 25-foot waterfall, and there are many trails you can take to get there. A massive 2000+ acre with 50+ miles in length to enjoy, the park includes several of the finest aspects of nature — the valleys, trees, waterways, and, of course, the Hemlock Falls.

Hemlock Falls
Source: Unsplash

On your way to the waterfalls, keep a close eye out for nearby animals, like cute chipmunks, and you may as well come into a few fairy-tale homes.Turn left and pursue the yellow-blazed trail. You can move across the highs and lows and along the creek until you enter Hemlock Falls at the 3-mile level. The Rahway Trail is denoted by three white markers. A right turn will lead you to the foot of the drop. In fact, you have to climb the stone stairs for a view of the peak.

2. Tillman Ravine

The best way to get to this lovely waterfall, situated in the Stokes State Forest, is through the Tillman Ravine. A simple stroll, the tracks of the ravine take travellers for a peaceful stroll through the green forest. Tillman Ravine Trail is a 2.6 km moderately-traveled loop trail located in Layton, New Jersey, which features a river and is ideal for all ability levels. The trail is mostly used for camping, cycling, wildlife and bird watching, and is usually used from March to October.

Tillman Ravine trail
Source: Unsplash

Dogs are also allowed to navigate the trail. Many that keep walking down the Appalachian Trail will finally end up in Buttermilk Slides. A famous waterfall, the Tillman Falls is located in the southern area of the Stokes State Forest. It’s the Tillman Brook that’s going across the ravine to eventually mesh with the Big Flat Brook. Except for visiting the place after a strong rain, as it can get pretty serious, everything else about this waterfalls just so right for a nature lover.

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3. Paterson Great Falls

The Great Falls of the Passaic River is a popular waterfall in New Jersey. It is about 77 feet (23 m ) high, on the Passaic River in the town of Paterson, Passaic County. Falls and nearby regions are preserved as they are a part of the National Historical Park, which is managed by the National Park Service. It was authorised by the Congress in 2009. One of the biggest waterfalls in the United States. It has also played a major role in the early industrial growth of New Jersey, beginning in the early days of the republic. 

Paterson Great Falls
Source: Unsplash

The reason for this waterfall to be so unique than the other ones on the list is the fact that the town of Paterson was developed around it. This is the first designed industrial city in the US.   It was founded to help build employment in a number of industries, from textile products to railroads. This is one of the best waterfalls in New Jersey that you shouldn’t miss while on holiday in New Jersey.

4. Otter Hole

This is one of the New Jersey cascades known by its name. Located in the southern part of the Norvin Green State Forest, the Otter Hole is admired equally by the locals as well as the tourists from around the world. This particular waterfall is relatively gentle and is situated near to the parking area. Technically this isn’t just one waterfall, one of the downstreams from this waterfall forms another tiny waterfall nearby this place called Chikahoki falls. This is also another attraction for the tourists.

Going there is relatively easy when compared to the other trails around here. Park your car across the vehicle parking area where Otterhole Road turns into Glenwild Path. Take the Highlands Trail and navigate with the help of the blue lights to find your destination. Without mentioning this waterfall, the list of the best waterfalls in New Jersey won’t look balanced.

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5. Buttermilk falls

Buttermilk Falls, at about 85 feet in height, is a rather tall waterfall, but it is also narrow. It is an extremely pretty setting, and one of its nice qualities is that it is very easy to view, since it is about 10 feet from the road. As part of the Delaware Water Gap, it is near other impressive waterfalls on the Pennsylvania side. Following the trail upstream can showcase some additional small falls too.

Buttermilk falls
Source: Unsplash

The stream of Buttermilk Dropping runs softly down its rocky stairway, smooth. The easiest way to see the falls is to navigate through the Buttermilk Falls Trail, a 1.4-mile, fairly difficult road that takes you to its peak. Considering that this is one of the highest waterfalls in the county, be prepared for a bit of a climb.

Apparently, the list of waterfalls in New Jersey has to come to an end. New Jersey has so many other falls to delight you with the best of Nature that the whole of the United states has to offer. Get in touch with the destination experts from Pickyourtrail to get your next United states vacation planned according to your needs. Check out our guides page for more insights or leave a Whatsapp inquiry for more options.

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