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6 best weekend activities to do in Dubai

If there was one thing that Dubai could be singled out as the greatest place in the world, it would be for the number of activities this wonderful city has to offer. From skydiving, a huge range of different water sports to desert trekking and camping, the list is inexhaustible. So fasten your seat belts as we take you on a trip for some of the best weekend activities to do in Dubai. 

1. The Dubai Mall

Like everything in Dubai, the Dubai Mall is spectacular. The mall has gorgeous fountains, and wonderful activities like an ice rink, which is especially cool if you’ve never tried ice skating. You can have a great time in the mall. Plus, the food options in the mall are some of the best and most affordable ones in the entire city. For a couple of dollars, you can enjoy a nice, hearty meal, or if you’re aiming for something more luxurious, you have a long list of pricey and five-star options as well. You cannot simply go to Dubai and not visit the top see the top floors of Burj Khalifa. If you’re aiming for the truly once-in-a-lifetime experience, you have to see the view from the top floors of Burj. One of the ways to get access to the top floors is through the connection in The Dubai Mall. Trust us, you’ll love the breathtaking view from up there. 

2. The Dubai Frame

This golden frame packs in some of the best this city has to offer. A tip: Pre-book your tickets for an extra 10 AED, otherwise, you wouldn’t get access to the golden frame. Apart from the spellbinding view from above, one of the most awe-inspiring things happens at the end of the exhibit. It is a video that visitors are shown at a 270-degree screen which depicts the future of Dubai. And that is simply mind-blowing.

3. Desert Safari

There are a variety of highly convenient options to choose from when it comes to desert safari. Many companies offer attractive Dubai tour packages which involve travelling through the desert, meals, henna tattoos, going around the dunes in a buggy, camel rides, and an overall complete desert experience that is sure to mesmerize you. Again, you can tweak the options based on your budget – if you want to look for more economical options, you can travel in a minivan, which is often jam-packed. But, if you want to book your car for a tour and have a first-class experience, you can do so by booking luxury cars like Lamborghini. So, whatever you pay for, that’s typically what you get in return. If you want to do things solo, you can also rent an ATV to drive through the desert at an hourly rate. 

4. Spa treatment

 After a long, tough work week, you deserve a soothing spa treatment. There is a huge variety of spa options, ranging based on different price ranges to different treatment types, from naturopathy, bamboo massage and many other types. Book yourself a spa session and feel the knots and tension in your muscles loosen up as you prep yourself for conquering life ahead. 

5. Enjoying the waterfronts

Dubai has some of the world’s best beaches, in addition to great waterfronts. If you are looking for taking a cool break from the heat, you can have a lot of fun in Dubai’s many waterfronts. You can get the adrenaline rush and experience the bliss through jet skiing. Or, if you’re going over the top and want to have an absolutely luxurious experience, you can also book a yacht for yourself and your friends to chill on for a night for about 899 AED and above. Also, if you want to have rich cultural experience, you can cross in the Abra through one of the river crossings of Deira, which is a way more economical but wonderfully enjoyable experience nonetheless. 

6. Awaken the explorer in you with a visit to Etihad Museum  

Etihad Museum is one of the world’s best, state-of-the-art museums. With only 25 AED, you can get a tour of this massive and gorgeous museum. They share with you the history of the UAE, and the city of Dubai, in particular. Dubai is one of the fastest-growing cities in the entire world, and the way it has shot to the top of the world in terms of progress within a span of the last two decades is simply unbelievable. So getting a chance to review this great city’s history is sure to be a wonderful experience. 

You can rest assured that there is no shortage of activities, both paid and free activities in Dubai. There’s just so much to do. All you need to know is where to look and visit, and how to go about it based on your finances. And with our list, now you know! 

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