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Honeymoon Bible: 9 romantic things to do in UK

I slide by hazel covers;

I move the sweet forget-me-nots

That grow for happy lovers

– Alfred Lord Tennyson

United Kingdom starts like a small haiku: three lines, 17 syllables – all of it do with nature. Welcome to the land where a lake house tells a story as much the trunk of a tree. If you – like most lovers – get poetic over love, this is the place to ring in your honeymoon. And for you lovers, Pickyourtrail curates some of the most romantic things to do in UK.

Dine at Mr Cooper’s House & Garden

12:00 – 22:00

Mr. Cooper's House & Garden

Foodies the both of you? Begin your journey with your stomachs full to keep you pumped up and running the entire day. Sample Mr. Cooper’s House & Garden. Located on the Mount Street in Manchester, this restaurant is creative from the get-go.

With a tree as its centrepiece, the menu only accentuates the creative from there on. A menu that boasts of some of the wackiest concoctions to simple ones like sourdough bread and whipped butter; quality time finds a new definition on your UK honeymoon.

8-minute walk from Manchester Oxford Rd railway

Jungle Rumble Adventure Golf

Jungle Rumble Adventure Golf
Image credit- nearlythereyet

How about some good ol’ golf intervention on your UK honeymoon? Oh, don’t pull those long faces. This golfing experience will be like the one you have never had before. Featuring an 18-hole course, try your luck at putting golf balls in exciting settings. We are talking Swamp, Volcano and Jungle style.

That’s right, you get to feel like Indiana Jones – the tamer version. Amidst a live volcano and other special effects, pick up that club and putt like the world depends on it.

Locations: Bristol, Brighton, Liverpool

Cocktails at Cloud 23, Manchester

11:00 – 2:00

Cloud 23
Image credit- hirespace

While in Manchester, the only way to get the best views is with a drink in hand and your spouse beside you. Featuring ceiling-to-floor windows, uninterrupted views of the city are guaranteed. Choose your pick from their curated range of cocktails or just pop the finest champagne in the house.

Cloud 23 is unmissable and one of the most romantic things to do in UK! Sparkle in your glasses and some in your eyes – there’s no better way to climax your romantic night out.

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Isles of Scilly

Isles of Scilly
Image credit- visitislesofscilly

There’s nothing more incredible than setting sail and leaving the rest of the world behind. Nothing says seclusion better than holding hands at the bow of a ship as it sleepily docks into an island.

Lying on the coast of Cornwall, Isles of Scilly is a beautiful archipelago – the kind of beauty that makes you believe in magic, in talking bunnies, and magical closets. Dock at an island that has you fixated and get exploring. Take walks, get to know the locals, grab a plate of fish and chips. By the end of it you would have taken enough journeys to know what the rest of forever would feel like.

Explore the Scilly Islands!

Cruising the Thames

Thames River
Image credit- unsplash

Fancy yourselves some quality romantic time by the Thames? Hire a boat or take a spectacular cruise down the Thames and watch London sparkle in its eternal glory. Sunset and a dinner later, watch the lights melt out and the rest of the world slip away.

Have a different idea of romance? Want to get away from the city lights? Head over to the village of Goring by the Thames River in the morning. Hire a boat and take along only the essentials – some food for the both of you. Find a charming spot along the way and make a picnic out of it. If you cherish the simple things and the quiet way of life, this is one experience you mustn’t miss out from the list of all romantic things to do in UK.

Darcy calling, Derbyshire

“You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you.”

Chatsworth House

There’s nothing quite like the stormy affair between a Miss Elizabeth Bennet and the Mr. Darcy as told by Jane Austen in Pride and Prejudice. Savour literature as much as you savour romance? Derbyshire is a picturesque scene of rolling hills, winding country roads and most like a scene where you can create impromptu bouquets for each other.

Tracing Pride and Prejudice, visit the Chatsworth House that serves as home to Dutch and Duchess of Devonshire and served as Mr Darcy’s home in the movie. With a picturesque waterfront and garden, keep track of the events here to catch a glimpse of this landmark.

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Road trip along Causeway Coastal Route

Causeway Coastal Route
Image credit- tomtom

For days when you have had enough of the rest of the world and not quite of each other’s company; rent a car and drive away. Start from the city of Belfast, drive along the coast and don’t look back. Extending from here to the city of Londonderry, the 190 km long Causeway Coastal Route is a postcard in motion. From sleepy hamlets to rolling hills to harbours to sandy beaches and cliffs decked in vibrant fuchsia, pitstop at these places along the way:

  • Take the tubular Gobbins cliff walk
  • Visit the Glenarm Castle – right out of a fairytale
  • Visit the dramatic Cushendun Caves where scenes from Game of Thrones was filmed
  • Witness the spectacle of Giant’s Causeway for yourself

Stargazing at Royal Observatory Greenwich

Royal Observatory Greenwich
Image credit- rmg

When Aladdin serenaded Jasmine with “I can show you the world. .” he probably wasn’t going for an observatory. Nonetheless, if you can’t whisk your love to the skies on your magic carpet, you can surely gape at the wonders of the universe from our sweet Earth.

At Greenwich, geek out at the Royal Observatory getting to know the world beyond our better. Catch a planetarium show, meet and greet with astronauts, look for stars (and the possibility of alien life) with a Victorian telescope and conclude your adventure together with a hot drink in hand.

Got this as your first priority from our list of romantic things to do in UK? Wait, there’s more! The observatory arranges special shows for Valentine’s Day and even helps you propose to you sweet love underneath a billion stars.

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A day trip to Cotswolds

Image credit- kateandtoms

Italy has its Cinque Terre while United Kingdom has its Cotswolds. Covering over 800 square miles, Cotswolds is a lovely collection of quintessential English villages in all their glory – with lively markets, honey-coloured houses, rolling hills and charming waterways.

“Take a leap back and unwind on your UK honeymoon in the charming region of Cotswolds. While here, take your time to wander the wallflower meadows, woodlands, and gastro pubs – by the evening, all while indulging in our exclusive honeymoon packages and vacation packages.”

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