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big ben in parliament building london
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Big Ben at the house of Parliament – A must visit in London!

London is the capital city of United Kingdom, home for 300 different languages,  is a city full of culture, architecture and historic significance, The city is always brimming with tourists moving from one attraction to another as it has so much to offer. Both classy & sassy with the added advantage of having larger than life landmarks, London easily becomes one of the finest cities to visit. Rolling back to when we were all kids sitting at playschool, How can we forget “ London Bridge is Falling Down, Falling down “ ?, This city is etched in our hearts and effortlessly kindles our childhood memories.


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Get your magnifying glasses with you as this city has the world’s smallest statue of 2 mice eating cheese. Home to around 170 Museums, London is the historic and culture capital of the United Kingdom. While making a travel plan it is always important to add attractions to the bucket list which are a must-see at that destination. One such location at the City of London to not miss would be the Big Ben. Did you know that Big Ben is not the tower itself but the bell inside it? To know more about this Wonder. Read On…

big ben at london
Image Credit: Pixabay

This 315 feet tall tower plays a colossal role in being one of the top highlights of European tourism. The most beautiful way to view this massive clock would be from a chamber on the London Eye Ferris wheel or while cruising over river Thames. This iconic landmark has 312 pieces of glass in each clock dial with each dial extending to seven meters in diameter. The clock at this tower helps Londoners be punctual. Quite literally, As the time displayed here is accurate up to a second. 

History of Big Ben, London

Built as a tribute to Queen Victoria in the mid-19th century, This attraction still used the victorian mechanism to ring its bells with a modern motor as a backup in case the old one fails. True to the words of American writer Mark Twain who says “ Everything has a limit “, The Clock at the Tower has seen it’s dull days too. During a test in 1857, The original bell cracked with a second one made shortly in the month of April the following year. Much to the dismay of Londoners, The second one cracked too in 1859. The bell authorities then managed to solve this by rotating the bell quarter of the way clockwise and by using a lighter hammer to ring it. 

Scenic view of big ben, london
Image Credit: Pixabay

Big Ben during New Years!

Visiting London during the New year’s eve would be an exhilarating experience for travelers as they get to watch the Fireworks light up the sky, before the Big Ben. The tip is to book your tickets to this experience in advance to avoid last-minute disappointment. 


London Tour Package Starting @ ₹ 42,704

If you plan to visit London, This house of Parliament’s famous clock tower which is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site should be on top of your list to visit. It is important to note that this attraction is under a 4-year renovation which starts in 2017.  Plan your very own London trip with Pickyourtrail. You can also choose the available packages to London on the Pickyourtrail Website.

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