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Radha Madhav Temple
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Bishnupur Tourism – A Glimpse Of The Terracotta City In West Bengal

Bishnupur is a small town in the Bankura District of West Bengal and is known for its rich heritage and culture. A trip to Bishnupur will take you into history, art, stunning architectures, terracotta temples, baluchari sarees, classical music, tiny rivers, paintings and many more. Want to know more about Bishnupur tourism? Interested to explore the cultural side of India? Take a visit to Bishnupur in West Bengal and explore the city. Have a read and find out everything you need to know about Bishnupur tourism.

Terracotta work in Bishnupur
Image Credits: Google Images

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Best time to visit Bishnupur

The best time to visit Bishnupur is during the winter season. The winter season will be a pleasant time to explore the city. However, visiting in summer might be difficult because of the hot weather. The monsoon season can turn your experience into a bad one due to the presence of humidity in the air. So, for a hassle-free vacation, make sure you choose the winter season.

Top places to visit in Bishnupur

Bishnupur is very famous because of its stunning cultural places. So, quickly have a read and find out the top 3 must-visit places in Bishnupur.

  • Jorebangla Temple
  • Jhilimili
  • Madan Mohan Temple

1. Jorebangla Temple

Jorebangla Temple
Image Credits: Google Images

Bishnupur is filled with plenty of beautiful temples and is loved for its unique architectural works in the temple. One such temple is Jorebangla Temple which was built by Malla King Raghunath Singh in 1655 AD. This temple was built in Chala style of architecture in terracotta and was made of laterite bricks. In addition, the walls also depict stories from epics.

2. Jhilimili

Jhilimili is a beautiful place which is blessed with natural beauty. Interestingly, Jhilimili is known as the Darjeeling of South Bengal. The lush green trees, peaceful breeze and the mesmerizing beauty of Jhilimili will definitely lighten up your vacation. So, make sure you visit this place in your Bengali vacation for a peaceful experience.

3. Madan Mohan Temple

Madan Mohan Temple
Image Credits: Google Images

Madan Mohan Temple is one of the renowned temples in Bishnupur. This temple was built by Malla King Durjana Singh Dev in the late 17th-century. It has an interesting square flat roof with curved cornices and a pinnacle over the top. If you are an architecture buff, a visit to this temple could be one of the best things to do.

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Food in Bishnupur

A vacation to Bishnupur can be the sweetest because of its sweet dishes. You can taste some of the best sweets here in the West Bengal. Make sure you taste some famous Bishnupur sweets such as Mecha Sandesh, Pera and Posto Bora. Surrender your taste buds to the Bengali cuisine!

Also, make sure you visit Hotel Monalisa which is famous for its Bengali thali. More than that, Bishnupur Tourist Lodge is famous for Bengali, North Indian and Chinese dishes. Some of the must-taste dishes are Luchi, Singhara, Sondesh, Kodapak, Kachauri and Cham-Cham.

With such beautiful places and mouthwatering dishes, don’t you think this historic city deserves a visit? It does, right? So, make sure you plan a trip to this stunning city to experience the beauty of Bishnupur in real. To plan your trip, check on the Pickyourtrail website and browse through West Bengal travel packages. Also, you can connect with our travel experts in Whatsapp to plan your vacation. In addition, download the Pickyourtrail app to get 24/7 support throughout your vacation. It’s time to unwrap the world with Pickyourtrail!

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