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8 surreally beautiful places to stargaze

Stargazing will make us essentially realize that life is not necessarily limited to our understanding of it. That’s the sole purpose of travel. A striking epiphany doesn’t occur at the comfort of your couch. It hits when you’re at the top of Uluru or the abysses of New Zealand. If best stargazing comes with clear skies, low-pollution, and a picturesque backdrop, here’s where you find them!

Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

Get transported to another world by gawking at the unobstructed views of the pitch-black sky! In fact, you will thoroughly enjoy the hike that will lead you to a rewarding stargazing experience.

Uluru, Australia

The rocky mountains, stunning steppes, deserty backdrop, all work in offering an absolutely surreal stargazing experience! Uluru’s untouched wilderness is one of the best-kept secrets to explore in Australia.

Salzkammergut, Austria

Days filled with bustling city life and nights with striking celestial shows are what Salzkammergut is all about. Tuck yourself in the Austrian Alps mountains, pack a picnic and never want to leave!

Great Barrier Island, New Zealand

Great Barrier Island is part of the stunning archipelago situated near Auckland. After countless hours of sunbathing by the beach, adventurous hike sessions to the Mount Hobson summit, prepare yourself for nature’s striking light show at night!

Big Sur, The United States

Big Sur in the United States is characterised by its rustic ambience, unspoilt wilderness if not its convenient proximity with the beautiful cities of San Simeon and Carmel. Some of the hiking trails it sports can humble even the best of hikers. But the view from the top, especially during the night is worth any challenge.

The Atacama Desert, Chile

The Atacama desert is one of the well-preserved attractions that South America holds dear. We never know what’s more alluring — the Cerro Paranal which starred in the stylish James Bond movie of “Quantum of Solace”, or simply the unrivalled road trips on offer! Lie above your open jeep and indulge in the perfect reveries while looking up above!

Cape Town, South Africa

Yes, it’s a no brainer that Table mountain and Simonsborg ranges are already on your South Africa itinerary, but note that the Lion’s Head in Cape Town is an easy-yet-equally rewarding range to conquer. Find a nice camping spot under the mountains, grab your DSLR and never want to leave!

Gerome, Turkey

If the Cappadocia region is famous for something other than hot air balloons, it has to be its ancient cave formations on the backdrop of the shimmering galaxy. After a camping night amidst the crystal clear skies, spend a day or two more in Turkey exploring the Uchisar castle and the fairy chimneys.

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