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Best travel-inspired board games other than just Monopoly and Ticket to Ride

Legend says a star is born every time a monopoly game ends. Because that’s how long it takes. On all the times it just won’t end, be prepared to see toppled boards and slammed doors you will be laughing about the next day.

Tease it, lock it away in a closet or call it old school, but you know nothing can complete a party night like a board game with your family. Not only will you have fun playing board games during this lockdown, but also you will learn a lot about your family you never knew before. A board game and a cup of coffee are all it takes!

1. Ticket to Ride

Find interesting ways to lay routes to connect and ride to the places mentioned on your ticket. Collect specific cards to build fascinating overhanging trains in Switzerland or luxurious train routes for the royals of England.

2. Monopoly Here and Now: World Edition

Add stamps to your passport by travelling through iconic locations buying and selling world-famous landmarks and world-class monuments. The joy of doing business over a place you dream of visiting is second to none.

3. Tokaido

Trail from Kyoto to Tokyo along the East Sea Road looking for meaningful travel experiences. Meet the locals, taste fine food, admire beautiful landscapes and collect incredible souvenirs — all while focussing on where and when to spend time so that at the end, you beat your opponent’s adventure quotient.

4. 7 Wonders

From the Temple of Artemis to the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, do what you’ll do if you own one of the seven wonders of the world. Will you make the city more aesthetically appealing so it goes well with the wonder? Or will you make the city more strong militarily and wage wars on the neighbouring wonders? You make the call.

5. Scotland Yard

A crime thriller where you follow Mr. X setting traps to catch the uncatchable gangster. Look at the map and you’ll realize it’s no easy task to do unless you think out of the box and stay really, really vigil.

6. Jamaica

Unleash the Captain Jack Sparrow in you and sail through Jamaica, the classic pirate bay. Establish your kingdom by defeating your opponents and discovering treasures.

7. Carcassonne

Breathe life into a medieval land rich in history and mystery, by matching the tiles into a beautiful pattern made of steep walls and medieval fortresses. A good game to teach your kids a lesson or two on Carcassonne’s history along the way.

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