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Written by Bhavika G on October 26, 2017 Share on

Brace yourselves! US introduces a new security screening measures

If you though the wait to get through security checks and finally board your flight was tedious now – brace yourselves! Starting today that wait is going to get longer. Hoping to avoid the in-cabin laptop ban enforced on passengers on 10 Middle Eastern airports earlier this year, airlines around the world are gearing up with their set of enhanced security measures.

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Earlier in July this year, President Trump had given time till today for the airlines to implement higher security measures to avoid another ban from being imposed. Although not fully confirmed, passengers should prepare for short security interviews at check-in gates, additional screening and inspection of personal electronic devices. With this in mind, international airlines are urging passengers to arrive even earlier than usual.

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Lufthansa, for instance, has advised its passengers to arrive 90 minutes earlier! The lines are going to get longer on your next trip to the US, it seems. Well, good news for you. With Pickyourtrail the planning will be smooth and hassle free.

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