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6 Marvellous Bridges in Turkey that Will Make your Jaw Drop

Turkey is home to some of the pristine cities in the world. Turkey has some of the pristine cities within it. All these cities in Turkey are very vibrant and colourful throughout the year. Every year the country allures tourists for its historical sites, traditional and cultural heritage spots. Turkey has a well known ancient port city and Ephesus. Almost all the beautiful cities in Turkey are popular amongst tourists. These cities are filled with many eminent tourist attractions that you can explore in and around Turkey. The country has well-connected and remarkable bridges. Bridges in Turkey are attractions that will take you to some of the most beautiful places.

Bridges in Turkey
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Turkey vacations are incomplete without visiting the bridges. Never miss out on the bridges that connect you to the major places. Bridges in Turkey are remarkable and they are very simple in structure. Also, these bridges will definitely blow your mind for sure. Every bridge has its own significance and they deserve a spot on your itinerary! Stop by to see its beauty and capture some amazing pictures for your memory. Keep scrolling down to experience these magnificent bridges in Turkey virtually. Read along to know more about them!


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6 Best Bridges in Turkey

Turkey is certainly a perfect holiday destination for many. Also, it remains an ideal destination for many because of its abundance of activities. Out of all these activities, people also love visiting the majestic bridges that are there in Turkey. People from all over the world visit Turkey for its scenic and grand bridges. That is to say, these bridges will certainly be a heavenly experience. Also, the bridges in Turkey offers great views and it has no match in this world. Moreover, every bridge in Turkey has its own unique style and myths. Above all, these bridges in Turkey will never disappoint you. In short, bridges in Turkey has got something to offer for everyone. Have a look into Pickyourtrail’s top recommended bridges to visit in Turkey for an amazing experience.

  • Bosphorus Bridge
  • Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge
  • Osman Gazi Bridge
  • Varda Viaduct
  • Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge
  • Stone Bridge

1. Bosphorus Bridge

Bosphorus Bridge in Turkey is certainly one of the most beautiful bridges in the world. The bridge started to function in the year 30 October 1973. This 1560 meters long bridge is well known as the 15 July Martyrs Bridge. Built by Gilbert Roberts, locals also call this bridge as First Bridge. Moreover, The bridge extends between Beylerbeyi in Asian and Ortaköy in Europe. In addition, this bridge is the 25th-longest suspension bridge span in the world and connects Europe and Asia. It is most recommended to visit the bridge after sunset and ensure you grab a nice spot to see the bridge glowing in red light.

Bosphorus Bridge in Turkey
Image Source: Unsplash

2. Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge

Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge is certainly the most popular bridge in Turkey. The bridge got its name from the Prince Ottoman Sultan Mehmed. The reason for its fame is that it is the 24th-longest suspension bridge span in the world. Moreover, the bridge also connects Europe and Asia just like the Bosphorus Bridge. Above all it is the third bridge that connects Turkey with connects Europe and Asia. The bridge stands at a height of 169 meters. The bridge got its design by Freeman Fox & Partners and BOTEK Bosphorus Technical Consulting Corp.

3. Osman Gazi Bridge

Osman Gazi Bridge is certainly famed as the fourth-longest suspension bridge in the world. Moreover, it is the most visited bridge in Turkey. In addition to that, this majestic bridge got built over the Marmara Sea. Osman Gazi was the founder of this bridge. He is the greatest sultan of the Ottoman Empire and the bridge got its name after him. Also, the construction of this fabulous bridge work started in 2010. After 6 years, the construction ended and since then it is among one of the most important bridges. If you are visiting Izmit from Istanbul, you will pass this Osman Gazi Bridge in Turkey. Moreover, you must stop by to experience the view of the Marmara Sea!

4. Varda Viaduct

Varda Viaduct is certainly one of the bridges that have adorned a lot of names. then Varda Viaduct should be on your list of bridges that must be on your list! The beautiful bridge is also called the Giaour Dere Viaduct. moreover, it is also locally known by names like Alman Köprüsü or “Koca Köprü. Also, this bridge in Turkey is a railway bridge and it connects you through other scenic places. You can certainly reach places while experiencing a pleasant view from the window of the train.

5. Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge

Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge is certainly one of the most significant bridges in Turkey and built over the Bosphorus strait. Also, it is one of the three well-known bridges in Turkey. Yet, the main use of this bridge was for rail and motor vehicle transportation. On 29th May 2013 the foundation stone laying of this bridge was held. However, the bridge construction got over in 2016.
Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge got operational for the public on 26 August 2016.
This renowned bridge got its design by the famous Swiss engineer Jean-François Klein and by the French engineer Michel Virlogeux.
Moreover, these two amazing engineers designed Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge which today is one of the most astounding road-railway bridges in Turkey.

6. Stone Bridge

Stone Bridge is firstly one of the oldest Roman bridge in the world and built-in the second century. Also, this bridge connects the ancient trade routes from the Mediterranean Sea to Anatolia and Persia. However, it was one of the main bridges for trade in the past. In 2007 the bridge remained closed for trade practices. Since then this bridge is now used for foot passage and for organizing cultural and artistic exhibitions by the town people. If you desire to catch one of the oldest bridges in the world in your lenses, you ought to visit this bridge!

Bridges in Turkey
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Turkey is a truly magical destination that will etch memories of a lifetime in your heart. With the plethora of places to visit, you can indeed be spoilt for choice. Book your Turkey holiday packages from India through Pickyourtrail to revel in a hassle-free holiday!


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