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Bruges Belgium
Written by Buvaneshwari Gopinath on July 29, 2020 Share on

Explore the French side of Belgium in Bruges

Bruges, known as the Brugge in Dutch, is no doubt a medieval Flemish capital & a fairy tale town in Belgium. The cobbled lanes and canals link the market squares are so beautiful that you will keep your camera aside. If you are an architect or you love architecture then you are in the right city. Every building here is constructed in European standards. The stunning Gothic and Baroque buildings are unbelievably excellent. There is no doubt with the amount of beauty that Bruges has got, The city gets lots of tourists.

Bruges City
Image Source: Unsplash

When is an ideal time to visit Bruges?

The best time to visit the city of Bruges in Belgium is during the spring season. You can see gardens blooming in the Loppem Castle and the grounds of Begijnhof where daffodils return. You can also visit during the winter as the snowfall makes the city look beautiful as it is during spring.

Things to do in Bruges

1. Lace Making

Image Source: Unsplash

The most luxurious lace in the world is crafted in Bruges. Wander around the lace shops widely spread around the city. You can buy a lace souvenir or spend some time visiting the Lace Centre where you can also learn about the history of lace in Bruges. Beware of people scamming and selling fake laces that are made in China. And like everywhere you can be scammed by buying the ‘Made in China’ lace so it’s better if you buy in the Lace Centre where you won’t find any duplicates.

2. A Hospital Visit

No, you don’t want to be sick to visit this hospital. The Museum St Jans Hospital was built in the 12th century. It is now completely restored with timber roof beams and 15th-century art masterpieces all over the place. Crafted by Hans Memling, the oak reliquary is the most famous piece in the museum. The particular piece explains the story of St Ursula’s betrothal to a pagan prince. The entry fee is 8 Euros for adults to enter the museum where you can learn the legend.

3. Bruges Market

The historic Markt of Bruges is like a lot of others in Europe. The open square which is beautifully surrounded by brilliant architecture, restaurants and cafes and a lot of tourists. Many of the guildhalls which are in the surroundings of the square that provides wonderful views, all are not original but it’s like a replica based on the original designs. In the year 1488, the Maximillian of Austria was imprisoned for imposing the neogothic Provincial Hof building and Craenenberg Café is the most notable points in the square.

4. Visit the Castles

The Bruges has got more castles per square inch when compared to the rest of the countries in the world. Also, there are about 50 castles out of the 470 castles in the Region of Flanders are located around Bruges. Le Chateau de Strainchamps is one of the most beautiful and the best one that is present in Bruges.

5. The Groeninge Museum

A must-visit visit place is the art gallery located in Bruges called the Groeninge Museum. If you are a fan of Flemish artwork this is the right place. The museum holds artworks from throughout the centuries past. Take a look at the beautiful works in the gallery. You will be amazed to hear that the gallery holds many gruesome and gory works which include a painting from 1498 of a man who was flayed alive and torturing of St George so if you are a person with a more morbid appreciation of art you will be pleased. And if you are done from watching everything, you can enjoy the view of the market square from the building.

6. Take a look at Christ’s blood

The Heilig-Bloedbasiliek is one of the small basilica, which believably was once home to a phial of Christ’s blood which is one of the main reasons why people from all over the world come to attend the basilica each and every year. And throughout the year every day at 2 pm, the phial is kept in display in a decorative tabernacle. There are several other breath-taking objects that are present in the museum including a crown which belonged to Mary of Burgundy. The museum itself was constructed during the 12th century and it was also once a residence of the Count of Flanders.

7. The Tolkienesque Belfort Building

Tolkienesque Belfort Building
Image Source: Google

When you are in Bruges you can never miss staring at the Tolkienesque Belfort Building which stands tall at 83 meters. From afar you can admire the building at its best and without any doubt, You can click a number of pictures in front of the building during your trip to Bruges. And one of the most worthy things to do in the building is to climb the slightly claustrophobic stairway to reach the top of the tower. When you reach the top of the tower you can have a great view of the city but the top of the building can accommodate only seventy people at a time, which will be hard during the summer as you got to wait in the queue to reach the top and also at some other busy times. When visiting Bruges you should never miss hearing the Tolkienesque Belfort Building’s 47 bells for that you need to look out for the board at the entrance of the building with the details.

8. The beautiful asset of the city of Bruges

The Bruges Vrije building located at the centre of Bruges. It was once the administerial office from the 12th century when it was in its Liberty of Bruges phase. The carved chimney at the top of the building gives a stunning look. People of Bruges say it is their most precious asset.

Bruges Lake
Image Source: Unsplash

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