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Written by Akshaya Devi on May 5, 2020 Share on

A day trip to the legendary Town Hall of Brussels

On any day while traversing through the justly named Grand Square of Brussels, the centrepiece of life and merriment, it is hard not to notice the elegant Town Hall towering its way out of other attractions. With a copper weather vane that depicts the statue of the archangel Michael defeating a devil and an asymmetrical facade, Brussels Town Hall is awe-inspiring, even if it’s strikingly peculiar.

About Brussels Town Hall

Image credits: Unsplash

Considered a Gothic masterpiece by revered European artists, Brussels Town Hall was built in the 14th century with intriguing imposing structures of mythological characters and saints, the original structures of which are preserved in the King’s treasury. The east wing was constructed first in the early 1400s conforming to the laws of belfry architecture — a steep tower with a bell attached. Though there were no plans initially to build on the tower, a new wing and several statues were added when the building was started being used increasingly for administrative affairs.

What to see

Admire the Gothic architecture at its finest in Brussels Town Hall. Check out the peculiar asymmetric structure that makes the Town Hall most beautifully flawed. Take a trip inside to see the tapestries and sculptures, preferable with a guide who can help you deep-dive into the artistic movements that shaped Belgium from the medieval past till now.

Apart from its magnificent history and exterior, what attracts travellers to Brussels Town Hall like a moth to a flame is the location, the epicentre of the bustling city life and weekend hangouts. Take a tour around the Grand Square and grab brunch at one of the famous restaurants there, or probably stop at a sidewalk frit for double-fried Belgian fries. Check out this bird’s eye view of the Town Hall from a live webcam, which puts the grandeur of the Town Hall in perspective.

Image credits: Wikimedia

Apart from the regular attractions in and around the Town Hall of Brussels, several special events are held throughout the year, which you should mark in your calendar if you want to see this glorious attraction shine with even more glory and local tourists.

Special events in Brussels Town Hall

  • Ommegang: July 1 – 4
  • Flower Carpet: August 16 every two years
  • Planting of the Meyboom: August 9
  • Christmas celebrations
  • New year eve celebrations

Entry Fee and Timings

The Town Hall of Brussels allows visitors to enter from 10 am to 5 pm and is open on all days, from Monday to Sunday. The entry fee of Brussels Town Hall is 5 Euros (1 EUR = 82.14 INR).

Location and How to Reach

The Town Hall is located at Grand Place 1, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium. You can reach the location by train, tram, bus or taxi from Belgium airport. Get dropped at Gare Centrale, Beurs Bourse or Parlement Bruxellois which are in the close proximity of the Town Hall of Brussels.

The Town Hall of Brussels is a good day trip in Belgium since it is located in one of its tourist hotspots. Before you plan a trip to Belgium, don’t forget to check the top Belgium holiday packages handcrafted by Pickyourtrail.

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