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Bungee Jumping in Dubai
Written by Vibha on May 8, 2020 Share on

Your Perfect Guide to Bungee Jump in Dubai

After all the sightseeing and endless shopping, I’m sure you’d be looking for something that would either give you a rush or wake you up and shake it off. This is your only chance to try out adventurous activities in Dubai.

Bungee Jumping is definitely not everyone’s piece of cake, I’d be joking if I said I could do it. You would literally be hanging by a thread- obviously an elastic cord from a great height and is always done under the observation of a professional. Dubai is very popular for bungee jumping which happens in various places, however you will have to keep in mind the precautions you are supposed to take before you jump right into it.

The view of dubai bunjee jump
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Criteria for Bungee Jumping in Dubai

  • No injuries or health issues should be present – People who have certain medical conditions should not attempt it as. Bungee jumping companies make you sign a release that includes a list of these conditions and if you are up for it despite the conditions that prevail, you should get clearance from your doctor for the same. 
  • Pregnant ladies and people with Asthma are not allowed to do it.
  • People above 50 years of age, must take consultation from their physician.
  • For Solo jump maximum weight is 120 kg.
  • For tandem jump maximum weight is 217 kg.
  • Prevent consumption of alcohol or drugs. 
  • Ages between 14-16 years must be accompanied by parents or a guide.
  • Glasses & Contact lenses are allowed to be worn. 
  • Boots and footwear will be removed.
the experience of jumping upside down to see the sky
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General facts and instructions

  • Always make up your mind before deciding, it should not be influenced by anyone but you. Make sure you steer clear of all the things in your mind and make a conscious decision if you are up for it or not. 
  • The most important part would be to figure out and run checks on who the tour operator is and how well they are rated in terms of safety, professionalism and making you feel comfortable apart from guiding you the right way. 
  • Coming to you, do ensure you wear comfortable clothes- preferably lightweight. Avoid skirts that generally tend to fly. Do not wear any valuables or any accessories and make sure you deposit them before trying out the activity. If there’s no option for depositing your stuff, make sure you don’t carry these things to the place where this activity is arranged so that you can be at peace. 
  • Avoid overeating at all costs, your diet can be well balanced with a good amount of water and fruits. Steer clear of dairy products as well. Overeating before the jump is said to bring about unpleasant feelings after the activity is done. 
  • It is said by professionals that looking down always stirs up a certain amount of fear before the jump, you can either look straight or close your eyes and follow your instructor. And don’t think too much, just go for it if you really want to. Overthinking always sucks the fun out of it. 
  • The prices are as follows: Single Jump – AED 290, Tandem Jump – AED 490, FAB Bungee Jump – AED 490.

This activity makes you feel like clouds are afloat with you, the rivers and the mountains are way beneath you and the tallest trees look like miniatures, that’s how you define a good view. Dubai is much more than its expensive shopping, skyscrapers and attractions. So go out if you want to try something new and fun that makes you forget all about the superficial image of the city. If you plan to visit Dubai, you can surf up our Dubai holiday packages a bit by adding fun activities like this that will make your trip memorable.

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