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Are you going to Burning Man 2019? Register now!

194 days! Yes, that is the exact number of days to Burning Man 2019. The event which takes place every once a year is one of the biggest in the world and is also the most interesting. For those who are wondering, what Burning Man is.

Set around ten principles – radical self-inclusion, radical self-expression, radical self-reliance, communal effort, civic responsibility, gifting, participation, decommodification, immediacy, and leave no trace, Burning Man is an event where thousands & thousands of people come together to celebrate art and creativity. Taking place for a nine-day long period which receives people from all around with the wildest of souls, Burning Man is something larger than life itself. There are no inhibitions, just you in the most imperfect form.

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Given the significance and the popularity of the event, the tickets also sell in quick time. And, while the sale for this year’s event hasn’t begun, the registrations are already open.

Directed Group Sale

Registrations – From 12/2/2019 12 PM to 22/2/2019 12 PM PST
Sale – From 27/2/2019 12 PM to 1/3/2019 12 PM PST

Ticket Price – $425
Vehicle entry – $100

Low-Income Ticket Program

Applications – From 13/2/2019 12 PM PST to 17/2/2019 12 PM PDT

Ticket Price – $210
Vehicle entry – $100

FO’MO Sale

Registrations – From 13/3/2019 12 PM to 15/3/2019 12 PM PDT
Sale – On 20/3/2019 PDT

Ticket Price – $1400

Main Sale

Registrations – From 3/4/2019 12 PM to 5/4/2019 12 PM PDT

Ticket Price – $425
Vehicle Entry – $100

Kid’s Ticket

On15/5/2019 PDT

OMG Sale

Registrations – From 24/7/2019 12 PM to 26/7/2019 12 PM PDT
Sale – On 31/7/2019 12 PM PDT

Ticket Price – $550
Vehicle Entry – $100

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For more information on the registration and the tickets, click here.

This year’s event runs from August 26, 2019 to September 2, 2019. Grabbed your tickets? Plan your trip right away. Do share your Burning Man experience later!

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