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Campuhan Ridge Walk
Written by Janani on May 26, 2020 Share on

Campuhan Ridge Walk – A Walk To Dazzle Your Senses

Bali is definitely one of the most sought out destinations in south-east Asia. Be it adventure or nature or leisure travel, Bali definitely gives you the best of experiences. The beautiful Ubud district in Bali is well known for its picture-perfect views of lush green rainforests and rice terraces. Ubud is the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of Kuta. There is surely a certain amount of tranquillity and happiness found in the clean air of Ubud. Are you that person who wants to go outdoors and stroll around a beautiful block way surrounded by picturesque scenery, holding the hands of your partner to see the sun descend the beautifully lit sky? Then make sure you add Campuhan Ridge to your itinerary.

Campuhan ridge
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Campuhan Ridge is one of the most iconic attractions that you should visit in Ubud. The stunning scenery of Campuhan Ridge with the impressive backdrop of Mount Agung will let one know why people all around the world love Bali. For outdoor lovers, this place offers a stunning panorama of the hillside. Did you know that all these are just free? Yes, there’s no entrance fee for the Campuhan Ridge. If you are looking for a fun-filled and free trekking experience, Yaay! Here it is.

Depending on up to where you want to walk, you can make the Campuhan Ridge as short or as long as you wish. The signboards indicate that the walk is about 2 km (one way) and continues all the way until the Karsa cafe. The pathway goes up and down gives stunning panoramic views of the hillside running into the rice fields through an area of shops and small water shops midway. 

Campuhan Ridge Opening hours

The Campuhan Ridge does not have an opening or closing hours. It’s open all time. However, it’s highly suggested not to visit the ridge in the dark since the pathway is not lighted.

When to go?

The ideal time to visit is during Sunrise (between 6:00 am – 7:30 am). The Campuhan Ridge also looks amazing during sunset however, you can expect crowds around this time when compared to sunrise. The ridge is also crowded during weekends. The best time to visit is early morning or evening, to escape the mid-day heat.  

How to reach?

The Campuhan Ridge lies in the heart of Ubud. Walk or take a bike and look for a sign that reads “Warwick Ibah Luxury Villas & Spa”. Parking for the Campuhan Ridge is available down the driveway. Walk towards the Warwick Ibah Luxury Villas & Spa, you will see pathways split and a sign that reads “Go to Hill ” with an arrow pointing to the left. Take the left path and it will lead you to the starting point of the Campuhan Ridge.

Traveller’s Tips

  1. Make sure you carry enough water before you start your walk. 
  2. There’s almost no shade here and so, carry a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen, if you plan to visit around midday.
  3. The trail is easy and so special hiking boots aren’t required. If you are comfortable walking longer distances on flip flops, then go for it!
  4. Taking a loop walk to the start point is highly recommended. While you can reach the roads of Ubud directly from Karsa Cafe, most travellers prefer taking the same way back – enjoying the beauty of nature unaffected by the hurry-scurry of the city life.

The Campuhan Ridge Walk is one of the few walks that will dazzle your senses and will soothe your soul. Without a doubt, this will surely leave a relishing memory on your vacation to Bali. To know more about such amazing places visit You can even customise your very own itineraries according to your preference.

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