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Amsterdam canals
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Canal Cruise in Amsterdam – Most Ideal Way To Explore the City of Canals

Canal cruise in Amsterdam is the most magical way to experience the beauty of the city. The city has about 165 canals and you can discover the city’s sights slowly by floating down a canal, through its blue waters and magnificent bridges. A trip to Amsterdam is not complete without taking this romantic cruise ride. These exotic guided boat trips offer exceptional views of the age-old architecture, beautiful canal houses, panoramic views, and other monuments.

Canal cruise sailing in Amsterdam
Image Source: Unsplash

The extraordinary canal ring in Amsterdam was built during the Golden Age. The UNESCO listed these waterways as a World Heritage Site in the year 2010.  At Amsterdam, you can choose from a variety of canal cruises, from departure points and services on-board. What to know more about Amsterdam canal cruise? Read on…


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Why Amsterdam canal cruise is special?

The canal cruise is mainly known for the experience it offers to every tourist who takes the ride. From panoramic views to romantic dinner services on-board, all of them put the travelers in awe. 

Eat and float

The famous canal cruise option is taking the Pancake Boat, which combines a gastronomic experience too. Fill your tummy as you float on the canal cruise in Amsterdam. When on this cruise, you can treat yourselves with delicious pancakes as you enjoy the cruise ride. There are also Pizza cruises, Burger and Hotdog cruises, oh! yes, I hear you, Cocktail cruises as well!

Amsterdam canals in the night
Image Source: Unsplash

Hop-on Hop-off

The best way is to combine Amsterdam Canal cruise Hop-On and Hop-off tours, in which you can conveniently explore the city’s must-see and experience the must do’s. Later, you can return back to continue your Canal cruise tour. This will surely be one of a kind experience for any traveler.

Candlelight dinner on the cruise

Of course, when in Amsterdam, the canal cruise is the best way to spend your evening. But its indeed the best way to spend your night and dinner. To excite travelers from all segments cruises, the cruise operators have brought in entertaining options like romantic candlelight dinner cruises. This magical canal cruise in Amsterdam is the most sought one amongst Honeymooners.

When on-board, you will enjoy music and food under the sky and stars, the unique vibe of Amsterdam, thousands of lights highlighting the attractions, and mesmerize yourselves in the magic that unfolds as the cruise moves slowly around the beautiful Amsterdam. You will sail through the canals of  Prinsengracht, Herengracht, and Keizersgracht, you will get an opportunity to enjoy the views rolling by your window and end the trip with a lavish dinner. The dinner will be a treat to your taste buds, as it’s prepared with fine ingredients and served with lots of love.  If you are visiting Amsterdam when the Light festival takes place, you are super lucky to discover the city when there are lights all over. 

canal cruise sailing in Amsterdam
Image Souce: Unsplash

Although the Hop-on and Hop-off is the famous choice amongst travelers, the experiential ones like the Pancake cruise are gaining popularity slowly. A visit to Amsterdam is not complete if you don’t experience this magical Canal cruise. So, check out Amsterdam tour packages offered at Pickyourtrail and if you need more help in planning a trip to Amsterdam, we at Pickyourtrail will help you craft the best itinerary.

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