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Watch out for some jaw-dropping air fares to Europe soon!

Here’s some good news for everyone planning a vacation to Europe. Air fares to Europe are slated to drop in the coming months. And by drop, we mean reaaally drop, like to around INR 25,000! Yes, you read that right.

Indian airlines are studying the viability of low-cost long haul return flights to Europe. The major focus is on these destinations: London, Paris, Amsterdam, Birmingham, Frankfurt and Zurich. Just watch out for a few little extra’s like extra baggage costs, food and a few others. Still worth it we say!

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Airline companies feel that the market for budget flights to Europe is just waiting to be tapped, what with the vast majority of Indian travellers looking to Europe as an ideal destination for vacationing. Just imagine. Won’t a return flight costing INR 15,000 to 25,000 for Chennai-London get you packing right now for your dream Europe vacation?

Though a date hasn’t been announced, cheaper air fares to Europe appear to be closer than you think. Yay!

While you wait for those airfares to drop, check out these amazing Europe itineraries we’ve got for you. Want to craft your own itinerary with activities of your choice? You can do it here.

Your Paris Itinerary

air fares to Europe

Your Amsterdam Itinerary

air fares to Europe

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