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Written by Akshaya Seshadri on September 8, 2020 Share on

Vials Of Hope: China displays COVID-19 vaccine for the first time! 

China has finally put its homegrown coronavirus vaccines on display and that’s precisely what the world has been obsessed about for the last 48 hours.  How can we not join the party and take a good look at these vials of hope? 

The vaccines were presented at a Beijing trade fair amongst several vaccine candidates produced by Chinese companies Sinovac Biotech and Sinopharm. The potential vaccines on display are entering phase 3 trials – which is the last step before the final regulatory approval. 

Roughly 90% of Sinovac Biotech Ltd employees and their families have received the 1st dosage of this coronavirus vaccine. The execution kickstarted under the country’s emergency use programme. The emergency programme also released a few details on how these vaccine shots are hopeful of protecting essential workers against a dormant COVID-19 resurgence. 

The vaccine candidates haven’t hit the market yet, but the pharma companies are certain of their approval- post the phase 3 trials. A Sinovac representative has also promised the national media that the newly constructed vaccine factory is equipped to produce 300 million doses a year. Also, China’s nationalistic tabloid – Global Times cited Sinopharm’s chairman, 

“The price of the vaccines will not be high and every two doses would cost below 1,000 yuan ($146)”. 

As the country where the infection originated, looks to shape the narrative encompassing the pandemic, the World Health Organization has advised that an extensive immunisation against COVID-19 may not be on the cards until mid-2021. 

While we can only hope to bring our regular life out of its dormancy real soon – here’s to all things positive and uplifting. Stay home, stay safe 🙂 

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