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Chugging along the chocolate trail

Do you want to feel like Charlie Bucket from the Johnny Depp starring movie, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – with that shiny gold ticket  have exclusive access to Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory? Well, this is your chance. Now, now, no need to queue outside chocolate stores and hope to chance upon the chocolate bar that will, maybe, contain your gold ticket. Travel to Montreux in Switzerland instead and climb aboard the chocolate train. No it’s not made of chocolate but, we are getting there!

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Climb aboard the Chocolate Train that departs from Montreux on the Swiss Rivera. And though, disappointingly, the train is not made of chocolate – but, hey, you are served hot chocolate, coffee and croissants. Yes, it’s the little things – you get to choose between the 1915 vintage Belle Epoque pullman carriage or a panoramic carriage that treats you to scenic views. Equally enchanting rides to a doubtlessly scenic destination. The choice is yours, now.

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First stop is the quaint town of Greuyeres that has acquired the title of being the most beautiful in Switzerland. Walking along the tarmac here, you will find your way to La Maison du Gruyère that is nestled by the foot of the Gruyeres Castle. The creamy cheese produced here – often used in fondues – acquires its name from the very town it’s made in. Before you rush back to the train station, maybe sample this cheese like the Swiss do – french bread sticks smothered in the fondue made of Gruyere, white wine or milk.

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Hope into your chosen train carriage , preferably after a hearty lunch, and journey to the village of Broc. Finally, the moment you have been waiting for. You will be ushered into the Cailler-Nestle Chocolate Factory. Watch heavenly chocolate being made. Savour the chocolate samples on display. Stock your candy bag, even. This is your opportunity to prance around and make the most of your time at your chocolate heaven! Before you sample-till-you-can’t-sample no more, remember the best of the chocolate produce is saved for the end. You’re welcome.

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If you are ready-ing yourself for some Swiss hopping and some chocolate shopping, here’s what you *also* need to know. The Chocolate Train runs from May to October. Enjoy your chocolate, folks!

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