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7 common excuses that stop you from travelling the world and how to overcome them

With over 10 million people venturing overseas throughout last year, more people are travelling abroad than ever.

However, despite the increase in people`s vacationing outside their home country, many of us are still finding excuses not to travel. The prospect of just taking the plunge and exploring what’s out there can be pretty daunting, and it might seem like multiple factors are standing in your way.

Such as? Let’s take a look at 7 common excuses not to travel, and how you can overcome them to embark on the adventure of a lifetime.

Excuse #1: It’s too expensive and I can’t afford it

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Money’s tight. You have bills to pay. You have responsibilities. You can’t just drop it all and head off on a year-long jaunt across the planet on your salary.

This is a common reason people put off travelling, but you may actually have a bigger budget than you realize.

Are you going out on the town and blowing hundreds of dollars every week? How about your subscriptions to streaming services? Do you eat out multiple times a week at expensive restaurants?

Even though you feel as if you might be unable to live without these things, you’ll have to make certain sacrifices if you really want to travel.

Perhaps you don’t have such a lavish lifestyle and rarely find the money to do whatever you like. In this case, perhaps you could consider approaching a friend or family member for a small loan.

The key thing is to set a budget goal: think about the amount you’ll need for your dream adventure and cut back on non-essentials wherever possible. Even if it takes years, it’ll all be worth it once you have the funds.

Excuse #2: I’m in a relationship and my partner doesn’t want to travel

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Plenty of couples embark on long-term trips together, but things can get difficult if you have a strong case of wanderlust but your partner doesn’t.

The first step is to try and reach a compromise. Couples have to try and see through each other’s eyes, but if you can’t find a solution that suits you both equally, you may need to question how compatible you are.

Would you both be happy if you travelled for a year or more while the other stayed at home? Could you imagine yourself ending the relationship to pursue your personal goals?

It requires a lot of thought, but if your heart lies elsewhere, this must be addressed.

Excuse #3: I don’t have a fellow traveller to go with

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This is an easy one: you don’t NEED a fellow traveller. Countless people see the world solo.

It’s definitely a scary prospect if you’re a shy person, but once you start exploring you’ll be amazed by how independent you can be. You’ll probably find yourself making an effort to speak to people at hostels, in bars, during excursions — and you may find new friends you can meet up with again.

However, it’s best to get some practice first. Book a city break for a weekend and see how you get on by yourself. If you find you’re anxious and unable to relax, then perhaps solo travel isn’t for you. But at least you’ll know you gave it a shot.

Excuse #4: Travelling the world will ruin my career

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Taking months off to travel isn’t ideal if you’re focused on your career. It’s likely you may have to leave your job behind unless you can work remotely and work a few hours here and there via your laptop.

Generally, though, most of us have to consider what’s more important: staying in your current role and squashing your urge to wander, or following your heart? You may pick up new skills on your trip and discover a fresh vocation.

And if not, well, you might be able to get another job within your field when you’re back home. Talk to your employer and see if there’s any way they could keep your post open.

Excuse #5: It’s not safe for me

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Yes, some parts of the world are more dangerous than others. Yes, you could run into trouble. But in all honesty, you may already live in a tough neighbourhood or in a big city with violent areas anyway — so going abroad doesn’t necessarily increase your risk.

It’s vital to research any destination you intend to visit. Look into the crime rates, terrorism threat level and anything else concerning you. Absorb safety tips and gather numbers for local embassies, police forces and more. Use GPS technology to bookmark important locations and plan routes through urban spots.

Do all the investigation and research you feel necessary to put your mind at ease. Search travel-based forums and discuss your fears with experienced travellers; they’ll be happy to help you out.

Excuse #6: I’m too old for an adventure

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People travel at all ages. Obviously, elderly and infirm individuals may struggle to go far, but it is possible if they’re accompanied and prepared.

It’s not uncommon to meet people who are well into their sixties or seventies travelling the world. If you have any age-related disabilities or health conditions, research your options with airlines, hotels and tour groups. Disabled people can also check their NDIS provider portal to see how their beneficiary program could help them during trips

Companies are much more focused on accessibility than they were in the past and may be able to help you.

Excuse #7: I’ll get homesick

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Homesickness is common when you’re travelling for a long time. It’s natural.

Still, it’s never been easier to stay connected to the people and things that matter. Skype and other video-chat platforms let you enjoy face-to-face meetings with friends and family. Social media enables you to share your adventures and speak to people wherever you are.

You can even set up cameras in your home and check in on it from time to time with the right software. Make an effort to remain in touch with your life during your adventures: you should feel much less homesick and can concentrate on enjoying yourself.

What other excuses not to travel have you heard? What solutions would you offer anyone putting their dream trip off? Share in the comment section below.

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