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Corniche Beach – A beach for people from all walks of life

Abu Dhabi is known for its glittering skyscrapers, swanky malls, beaches, amusement parks, and traditional souks. Abu Dhabi is gorgeous, vivacious, vibrant and full of life. Gorgeous Abu Dhabi with its beautiful scenic beaches, colourful malls, adventurous desert rides, the city attracts tourists round the year. Before you plan a trip to Abu Dhabi, do check  Pickyourtrail’s top recommended things to do in Abu Dhabi, for people of all age groups which includes a visit to the Burj Khalifa, skydiving at Palm Jumeirah, local parks, Dubai Creek, aqua venture Dubai,  lake ride at Dubai fountain, desert safari with BBQ dinner and more. Try these exciting and fabulous activities and make your Dubai trip worth in every sense.

Though the city is famous for its glistening skyscrapers and the arid dunes of the desert, now things have changed a lot in Abu Dhabi. It attracts people from different parts of the world for its scenic coastline experience. With its white sand  Abu Dhabi beaches and crystal clear waters, heart brimming water sports, coastline cafes and family-friendly parks on the beachside, the city is now giving fierce competition to any tropical island. The tourism of  Abu Dhabi has focused a lot to improvise the tourist experience and they have to create fun and safe beaches, so these now have facilities like changing rooms, beach loungers, and cabanas, as well as restaurants and food trucks lining the beachfront. Dubai is considered as a seaside destination by the visitor from all around the world for its astounding beach experience. Be it family, honeymoon couple, family with lots of kids or family travelling with elderly, beaches in Abu Dhabi will keep you engaged. One such astonishing family and couple friendly beach are Abu Dhabi Corniche.

Corniche Beach – Scenic Seaside Destination

corniche beach
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Abu Dhabi’s Corniche Beach is considered as “immaculate outdoor destination … overlook[ing] the glory of the open Arabian Gulf”. Abu Dhabi’s Corniche beach has several gates to its spotlessly maintained, Blue-Flagged public beach. In the heart of a capital city, with its turquoise sea, view of Lulu Island, palm trees and gardens make it an unexpected pleasure. You will be drawn right away to the turquoise waters of the Corniche, ensure you carry a swimsuit. This 2 Km long beach is divided into 3 sections: Al Sahil (Gate 4, free entry) is for singles and groups, Gate 2 is for families and a quiet area, and the 3rd Gate is for families and kids. The beach features Showers, changing rooms and cabanas,  sun loungers and umbrellas. They can be hired for Dhs25.

If you are looking to experience adventure watersports such as kayaking, jet ski, ballooning etc, the Corniche offers plenty of watersport activities and events. There are restaurants and snack bars to quench hunger and thirst after indulging in watersport activities. The beach also offers plenty of benches, play arena for kids and picturesque fountain on the pavements. You can sit and relax on this pleasant corniche beach.

corniche beach
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The present-day Corniche family beach was a place where ships dock. In the past, Corniche never had a beach. The area was an active docking place for ships carrying cargo and for dhows. The earlier version of the beach had a Volcano Fountain and lots of parking space. It was also a place where people did fishing and oyster hunting. Now the beach is built with brilliant modern-day accommodations.

The entire coastline is now accommodated by a chain of restaurants, beach view cafes and it is one of the most famous recreational hubs. With its innovative kid’s friendly parks and gardens, Abu Dhabi Corniche beach is one of the best spaces to take kids out for a fun day.

How to reach Corniche Beach Abu Dhabi?

Abu Dhabi’s Corniche is not a hidden treasure. The beach is easy to find and accessible by people of all age. The park here is kids and elderly-friendly. You either hire a car or use public transport. The beach is routes are easily accessible by public transport  If you are looking to go by public transport then hop on to 33 or 34 bus from the Abu Dhabi Iranian Private School bus stop and getting off at Abu Dhabi stop will do the trick.

Best time to visit Abu Dhabi

Dubai is often sunshiny and warm for all the months of the year and that is because of the arid desert atmosphere. In spite of the onset of the cool season in December, the warmth in this city does not vary too much from its roots. Usually, the temperatures plummet to a least 15°C to 16°C at nighttime once the sun sets and throughout the daytime, it strikes 26°C to 30° as well. The sultry environment of Dubai makes it an Elysium for those who admire summers and want to experience multiple water sports.

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Abu dhabi
Photo by Kel Avelino on Unsplash

The sun is out for at least 8-10 hours throughout the day and the seawater mounts a temperature of about 24°C for most maximum times of the year. The humidity is flat and that is why we recommend you to take a water bottle at all times. Once the evening befalls, the ambience becomes much more calming and that is why you will be able to explore the downtown much more enjoyable than in the day.

Entrance fee Corniche Beach

The Abu Dhabi Corniche beach entry ticket cost is different for all ages. For an adult, the ticket cost AED 10 per adult and for a child AED 5 per child under 12 years. Children below the age of 5 can enter the park at no cost. If you are hiring sun lounger, it cost AED 25 per adult, and towel rentals cost AED 10. The beach does have bike rentals which cost AED 30 per hour for adults, and AED 20 per hour for children.

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With so many engaging and interesting things to do in Abu Dhabi. Check out the best Abu Dhabi tour packages and Plan your Abu Dhabi trip with Pickyourtrail. Start planning and experience the amazing Corniche beach Abu Dhabi.

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