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5 Cosy Restaurants In London That Are A Must-visit in 2024

London has everything. Food, drinks, clothes, hotels, fun, everything is best in the streets of London. It is the capital of United Kingdom, filled with royals, the city surely treats the travellers right. The city is filled with fun and entertainment. London lets you explore the city way you like. Running around the streets exhausted after all that damage done to your wallets and pockets? Worry not. Head to one of the below listed cosy restaurants in London and have a fun dine-in experience with your loved ones.


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5 Cosy Restaurants in London

  • Tavolino, London Bridge
  • Clos Maggiore
  • Amazonico
  • Jimmy’s Winter Snow Globe
  • Thomas Cafe at Burberry

1. Tavolino, London Bridge

Fine dining
Image Source: Unsplash

The streets of London are filled with cafes, bars, restaurants. When hunger strikes, head to Tavolino, located just near the famous London Bridge, it is one of the best cosy restaurants in London. Tavolino is an Italian food joint that has fancy foods on their menu with lovely ambience. As an Italian joint, the place has some yummy pizzas, and pasta that are absolutely delectable and leave you with a feeling wanting for more!

Location: Tavolino, More London Riverside, London SE1 2DB

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2. Clos Maggiore

Clos Maggiore one of the busiest restaurants in the city of London. Known to be one of the best cosy restaurants in London, this place is always crowded. Clos Maggiore is known to be the most romantic restaurants in town. Enjoy a lovely date night with your loved one with scented candles along with the roaring fire in chilly weather. Be sure to try their Roasted Chicken stuffer with snails and Loire Valley Rabi. Their signature dish is the poached pear with Tonka syrup stored in their rustic wine cellar.

Location: 33 King Street, London, W2CE8JD, United Kingdom

3. Amazonico

restaurant Amazonico
Image Source: Unsplash

Located near Berkeley Square in London is the most famous restaurant called the Amazonico. With a rustic look, bold interiors, exotic dishes and stunning atmosphere, the restaurant has two different rooms. The first room of the restaurant has a lounge and bar with an open kitchen view. The second room of the restaurant is mainly for a sparkling dine-in experience. With colourful arts hanging around in a seductive light, this restaurant surely gives out romantic vibes and is definitely one of the best cosy restaurants in London. Be sure to try some exotic dishes from their unusual menu.

Location: 10 Berkeley Square, London W1, United Kingdom

4. Jimmy’s Winter Snow Globe

If you are visiting London during the winter with your loved ones, be sure to visit Jimmy’s Winter Snow Globe, which is considered to be one of the best cosy restaurants in London. Enjoy dining at the sparkling glass igloos set just alongside the rivers on the Southbank. This stunning restaurant is a must-visit when you are in the city. Enjoy the beautiful snowfall as you dine in the glass globe with your loved ones. They have also set up the same igloos near to Thames River. Pro-tip, be sure to book these snow globes as soon as possible because they sell out fast.

Location: Riverside & Thames River, London, United Kingdom

5. Thomas Cafe at Burberry

We all know how famous Burberry is. The brand has taken its store in Regent Street, London a notch up. The storehouse has opened an in-house cafe called the Thomas Cafe which is one of the most cosy restaurants in London. If you are tired or exhausted, or in dire need of a break, head to Thomas Cafe for a shot of espresso or a quick bite. The cafe serves yummy comforting soups, pies and hot crumpets that just melt into your mouth. Above all, you can also enjoy some time savouring the food and the ambience.

Location: Burberry Flagship Store, Regent Store, London, United Kingdom

a busy restaurant in London
Image Source: Unsplash

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Food is on everyone’s priority and comfort list while travelling abroad. Worry not when you are in London, the golden lighted streets are filled with food trucks, stunning restaurants and some cosy restaurants in London. Book your London tour package from India with Pickyourtrail. Handpick your itinerary like you pick your restaurant and travel stress-free. Check out our handcrafted packages on our website or drop us a text on Whatsapp for best deals!


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