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Here’s Your Customized Trip to Brooklyn

New York, popularly nicknamed “the Big Apple,” is a dream destination for many people across the globe. Its ever-sleepless streets, impressive structures, and the general aura of the place are enough to keep tourists hooked here for weeks. Indeed even weeks are not enough to explore the city and its wonders completely. 

If you are a binge-watcher, you may be already familiar with one of the most popular boroughs of New York. Yes, it is none other than Brooklyn. Check into this hotel with boutique rooms and explore the wonders of Brooklyn.

Overwhelmed with all the options available to you? Here is a completely customized itinerary that can take you through the best picks in Brooklyn:

Hire A Bike

One of the best ways to explore this borough in New York is by hiring a bike. Traditional bike shops abound the neighborhood and offer rental services at pocket-friendly prices. Since you are the driver of your own ride, you can plan the route just as you like it. Bike rides give you the chance to explore the locale at your heart’s content and blend in amidst the people from the neighborhood.

 For those who are hesitant to set off on their own, organized tours are also available. Many of these tours have themes such as graffiti or beer, which becomes the focal point of exploration.

Visit The Brooklyn Bridge

A trip to Brooklyn cannot be complete without visiting the iconic Brooklyn Bridge. The bridge is a lifeline that connects two of the most happening boroughs of New York- Manhattan and Brooklyn. This bridge is, in fact, so popular that even the thorough-bred New Yorkers cannot really pass through the place without admiring its charm.

The best way to experience the bridge is by walking through it from one end to another. If you are worried about the traffic, take a breath of relief. There is a dedicated walkway for the pedestrians to enjoy a walk here. Many people also love to soak themselves in the view of the bridge from various vantage points across the city.

Tap Your Feet At House Of Yes

Do club scenes excite you? The Brooklyn experience is going to stay with you for a long time to come. Located in Bushwick, the House of Yes is a club unlike any other you may have come across. Grand burlesque and circus themes productions make it the most colorful club in the whole of New York. Although it is not mandatory, even guests are encouraged to present their imagination through their costumes.

Typically the dances are 21+. However, you can check the calendar for the “all ages” shows that are held once in a while. 

Admire Manhattan

 If you go through the photo diaries of Brooklyn, one that is most likely to catch your fancy is that of Manhattan across the East River. The entire waterfront right from Williamsburg to Dumbo offers some surreal views of the Manhattan skyline. Cashing on this view, rooftop bars and hotels have emerged in plenty across the street. 

Sip your cocktail and take snaps of the Instagram-worthy skyline. Also, enjoy the refreshing breeze from the East River.

Get Artsy In The Brooklyn Museum

If you’re someone who admires high art and culture, then the Brooklyn Museum is a must-visit for you. The building with its fountain is in itself mesmerizing and can make you pause. Along with contemporary art pieces, the museum houses the largest permanent collection of Egyptian art. 

If you are lucky, you can get a glimpse of Basquiat and David Bowie, too, as rotating art pieces. Entry to the museum is completely free on the first Saturdays each month.

Now that you have the best picks to yourself pack your bags, tie your shoelaces and start exploring right away!