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Day 1 of the 3-day itinerary to perfect your Amsterdam vacation

Amsterdam, the capital city of Netherlands in one of the most visited cities in Europe with an annual tourist population accounting to 4.5 million. Interestingly, the city is said to have derived its name from Amstelredamme, suggestive of the city’s origin from around the dam in the river Amstel. The city is best known for its museums, coffee shops, canals, beautiful-houses, it’s red light district and how it comes alive at night. They say, what’s illegal everywhere else in the world, it’s legal in Amsterdam and hence easily one of the major reasons drawing tourists to this city.

Factually, Amsterdam is regarded as the most bicycle-friendly city in the world. Most tourists get around the city in a bike, the typical Dutch way. This capital city is probably the only city that has a museum, Rijks museum, that lets people cycle through it and seemingly the only city where bicycles are 4 times the number of cars. The city’s hostel stays are well celebrated as well. They tend to lead to interesting interactions and bonding between culturally diverse travelers aside from being really good cost-effective options for stay. If you’re a person who enjoys experimenting, stay at a hostel in Amsterdam and take experience.


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Here’s your perfect 3-day itinerary to discover the most of Amsterdam, also known as the Venice of the north.

Day 1

Rise early and indulge in a wholesome breakfast at your hotel and kickstart your day with a good taste of nature at Keukenhof, because the joy of witnessing blooming tulips is unmatched.

Keukenhof- If you are traveling to Amsterdam between March-May, this would be a must visit. Keukenhof gardens are located an hour by train (35 km) south of Amsterdam in the small town of Lisse. The tulips at Keukenhof catch tourists from across the world. It is believed that over 1.4 million tourists visit Keukenhof every year. It is a beautiful experience to watch first blooms burst through the soil and unfurl into a carpet of blossoms. The garden is spread over 79 acres and over 7 million flower bulbs are annually planted in the Keukenhof Park. The ideal time to spend at this tulip gardens would be 4 – 5 hours. Enjoy a joyful tulip experience and head back to the city. Grab a quick lunch and get set for some museum experience at the Rijks museum. To read further on the tulip festival.

Rijks Museum – Over 200 years old museum, Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam holds many masterpieces of Dutch and world art. The museum has an exceptional collection of antique objects of the Dutch culture, and an expansive collection of prints, drawings, and classic photography. The museum holds 7500 masterpieces and is the best fine arts museum showcasing works of Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Vermeer, and their contemporaries. Rembrandt’s famed ‘The Night Watch’ (1642) finds its place here.

Vondelpark – After your Rijks experience, rest at the largest city park in Amsterdam. This park attracts locals and tourists alike. Dog-walking, jogging, picnicking, roller-skating, listening to music, people watching, or just lazing about in the grass, this park is your ideal spot. Make the most of this park which is always high on spirits. Check out more free things to do in Amsterdam. Post a good lazing session, head on to the most visited museum of Netherlands, the Van Gogh museum.

Van Gogh museum – It is the world’s largest collection of the paintings, drawings, and letters of the world’s most popular artist – Vincent van Gogh and traces the life and development of Van Gogh through his work. About 1.6 million people visit the museum every year. The museum also features the work of his other contemporaries, Impressionists, and Postimpressionists. Van Gogh’s work is classified into five periods, each representing a different period of his life and work: The Netherlands, Paris, Arles, Saint-Remy, and Auvers-sur-Oise. After your museum experience, head back to your resting place post a good dinner at a nearby cafe and get a good night sleep.

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To continue on your fabulous Amsterdam tour, wait up for the second-day itinerary coming soon.

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