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La Graciosa
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A Day in Paradise: Day Trip to La Graciosa

This small island of La Graciosa is located 2 kilometres north of the Lanzarote, Canary Islands in Spain. Being a part of Chinijo archipelago, this island is a haven for a large variety of protected sea life. La Graciosa does not have roads, and the locals use bicycles to travel around this Spanish island. Tourists have to be extra cautious and make sure they don’t damage the island’s natural habitat. Virgin beaches, hiking and cycling trails, boating and diving are the main activities here. A Day trip from Lanzarote is the best options to explore La Graciosa. Hire a bicycle and explore the whole island as it would take only around an hour to go from one end to the other. Let’s see what all you can do in a day trip to La Graciosa.

Explore Caleta del Sebo

Caleta del Sebo is the Island capital and one and only town in La Graciosa. The entire population of roughly 700 people live here. Caleta del Sebo has the only port and home to the Chinijo museum which tells the history of the island. Also, the town is where you can rent bicycles, have authentic local and even go scuba diving on the beaches. If you want to explore the untouched blue waters, you can take a boat trip which gives you plenty of time see the untouched beaches on the island. Caleta del Sebo is the one and only place where you get bicycles or 4×4 for rent, or take a boat trip to the untouched blue waters.

Caleta del Sebo La Graciosa
Image Source: Wikimedia

La Conchas Beach

Located north of the island, La Conchas is truly a paradise. The beach is brimming with the beauty of its white sands and turquoise waters. The waves are a little strong here thus not a very safe place for kids. The land and water create a contrasting colour combination of due to the volcanic landmass which has shades of red. The waves are fine for swimming, but it is always better to be careful. Las Conchas is an ideal beach to spend some nice time to bask under the bright sun.

Las Conchas La Graciosa
Image Source: Google Images

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Hike Montana Bermeja

The volcanic landscape of La Graciosa has plenty of hiking trails. Montana Bermeja is very close to the La Conchas beach and though the hike is steep, the view from the top is totally worth it. With an elevation of almost 550 feet, the mountain has a breathtaking view of nearby islets which are part of the Chinijo archipelago. Montana Bermeja is located north of the island and it is easily accessible from La Conchas, both of these spots can be covered in a day.

Montana Bermeja La Graciosa
Image Source: Google Images

Scuba Diving in the Chinijo Archipelago

The Chinijo Archipelago is a set of small islets northwest to the Canary Islands. This is one of the largest marine reserve parks in Europe and the unique volcanic landscape and pristine waters rich in its diverse sea life. La Graciosa is the only inhabited island and you should definitely check out the scuba diving options here. As seeing the island and scuba diving cannot be done on the same day, decide and be prepared before your visit. One can see the Canarian lobster, angel sharks and barracudas which are regular while diving.

La Graciosa is not a big or busy island, it is serene, undisturbed and pure. Its beautiful beaches, rocky volcanic mountains and peaceful life makes it an island lover’s heaven. La Graciosa offers more activities and locations to explore. While all of this cannot be seen in a single day trip, but these places are totally worth it.


  1. Playa de la Francesca
  2. Playa del Ambar
  3. La Cocina Beach
  4. Playa el Salado
  5. Playa de la Laja

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Playa de la Fracesca
Image Source: Pixabay

Hiking Trails

  1. Montana Amarilla – 6km hike at the south of the island
  2. Las Conchas route – Majapalomas and Pedro Barba
  3. Pedro Barba – Punta de la Sonda – The route is parallel to the coastline
Montana Amarilla La Graciosa
Image Source: Google Images

Biking Routes

  1. Southern Route: Caleta de Sebo – Playa del Salado – Playa de la Francesca – Playa de la Cocina – Montana Amarila
  2. Northern Route: Caleta de Sebo – Cruce de Caminos – Playa de Las Conchas – Montana Bermeja – Playa de Ambar – Pedro Barba
  3. Route’s Map: Caleta de Sebo – Llano de la Mareta – Cruce de Caminos – Morro de los Dioses – Bajo del Corral – Punta del Probe

Other than this, also check out boat rides, which are available in Lanzarote itself. These are mostly combined with a day trip to the La Graciosa island and its nearby islets.

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