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7 Best Day Trips from Pattaya For A Quick Relaxing Getaway

Pattaya in Thailand is pretty and exciting as well. With sun-kissed seashores, humming bars, entertainments, and water sports, Pattaya invites each voyager with full arms. Also, Pattaya has some refreshing day trip choices, which upgrades your vacation fun time. These day trips from Pattaya are inherently picturesque islands that guarantee sensational and beautiful time with your loved ones. Go on and choose everything you can explore here.

A little about Pattaya

Pattaya is constantly turned on and fun. This energetic beachfront city shot to distinction in the mid-1980s and remained there. From sunrise to sunset, Pattaya’s seashores are continually overflowing with life, as water sports lovers and sun admirers take to the waters. After the sun sets down, the real fun moves to the streets, as travellers explore its electric nightlife scenes, were drinking and celebrating last until the sun rises.

Apart from water sports and nightlife, Pattaya offers unlimited prospects with regards to convenience and amusement. It has grown out of its picture as a dingy beach town to a destination for a more extensive crowd; whether it is couples, families or business travellers, Pattaya has something for everybody. Just 147 km from Bangkok, Pattaya is the nearest of Thailand’s significant beach resorts to the capital city.

Now, Have a look at these best day trips from Pattaya and plan for a couple of these while you are holidaying in Thailand


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7 Best Day Trips from Pattaya Thailand

  • Koh Larn: The Emerald Island
  • Nong Nooch Tropical Garden: A Luxuriant Place To Unwind 
  • Ko Si Chang: Serene And Picturesque 
  • Koh Samet: A Fun-Filled Escapade 
  • Chanthaburi: Enjoy The Real Beauty Of A Thai Town
  • Ko Man Nok: The Perfect Nirvana
  • Ko Man Wichai: Go Fishing 

1. Koh Larn: The Emerald Island 

Koh Larn island in thailand
Image Credits: Unsplash

Pattaya is surrounded by lovely islands, and Koh Larn is one of them. Reached by a quick boat ride, Koh Larn is truly outstanding and the best half-day trips from Pattaya. Enhanced with beautiful sun-kissed beaches with the setting of lush green hills, Koh Larn pulls in explorers who wish to loosen up amid nature. 

Distance from Pattaya: 11 km
Things to see in Koh Lan: Tawaen Beach, Tien Beach and Neural Beach 

2. Nong Nooch Tropical Garden: A Luxuriant Place To Unwind 

A picturesque drive of thirty minutes from Pattaya will take you to Nong Nooch Tropical Garden. This is an exciting flowerbed, It is a peaceful and pleasant place because of its rich vegetation charm a wide range of travellers. It is indeed outstanding amongst other day trips from Pattaya. Surrounded by dazzling seashores, gardens, temples, and pagodas, people visit this place from Pattaya for day picnics and lazy walks. 

Distance from Pattaya: 21.7 km
Things to see in Nong Nooch Tropical Garden: Sriracha Tiger Zoo, Jomtien Beach, What Phra Yai Temple, and Sunrise Beach. 

3. Ko Si Chang: Serene And Picturesque 

Ko Si Chang in Thailand
Image Credits: Unsplash

Situated in the Chonburi region of Thailand, Ko Si Chang is one of the pretty islands of the Gulf of Thailand and a perfect day trip from Pattaya. It depends on its serenity as you explore this unique place. Famous for picturesque sunset, swimming, surfing and kayaking, Ko Si Chang pulls in adventurers and nature admirers. If you are done with Pattaya city, visit this place to revive away from hustles clamours.

Distance from Pattaya: 26.4 km
Things to find in Ko Si Chang: Hat Tham Phang Beach, Chao Pho Khao Shrine, and Asdang Pier Proposed Read: 7 Best Trips From Koh Samui To Explore Everything That Lies Beyond Thailand!

4. Koh Samet: A Fun-Filled Escapade 

If you have an extra day while holidaying in Pattaya, do visit Koh Samet. A boat ride or a road trip will take you to this wonderland, which has a stunning coastline, beaches, and shacks. Named after Samet trees, the shores are surrounded by these rich backwoods, which makes the island look more beautiful. Offering the best of water sports and nightlife encounters, Koh Samet is the best day trip choice, if you are expecting a snappy retreat from Pattaya city. 

Distance from Pattaya: 73.8 km
Things to see in Koh Samet: Sai Kaew Beach, Wong Duen Beach Khao Laem National Park, and Prao Beach 

5. Chanthaburi: Enjoy The Real Beauty Of A Thai Town

Chanthaburi the thai town
Image Credits: Unsplash

A beautiful place set on the banks of Chanthaburi River, this is a beautiful town in eastern Thailand. If you wish to encounter the true magnificence of Thailand, there is no preferred choice over this. Including beaches, waterfalls, cultural places, and temples, Chanthaburi happens to be one of the famous day trip places from Pattaya. 

Distance from Pattaya: 178 km
Things to see in Chanthaburi: Namtok Phlio National Park, Cathedral of Immaculate Conception and Wat Khao Skim

6. Ko Man Nok: The Perfect Nirvana 

Among the group of islands of Klaeng Bay, Ko Man Nok is a little and beautiful private island. Rambling over 0.2 km, this astounding destination is an absolute paradise to unwind and refresh your mind, body and soul. Travel in the boat is for around 5 hours from Pattaya and arrive at this unique place. Perfect for sunbathing, swimming, and watching the best sunset in Thailand, Ko Man Nok takes one the best place to visit near Pattaya. 

Distance from Pattaya: 185 km
Things to find in Ko Man Nok: Laem Mae Phim Beach and Tung

7. Ko Man Wichai: Go Fishing 

Fishing boats in Ko Man Wichai
Image Credits: Unsplash

This is the last on the list, and indeed the best one. If you are planning day trips from Pattaya, Thailand, and experience the fun of fishing in Ko Man Wichai and Ko Lai, this is the best place situated at the Gulf Of Siam. To reach here, one needs to take a boat, so the travellers can enjoy the view close by the bay while cruising on the boat. For adventure enthusiasts, there is a place for swimming in the area. While one can invest time fishing in the area, there is a means of tasting the fresh fish conventionally right along the shore.

Distance from Pattaya: 23.2 Kms 
Activities in Ko Man Wichai: Fishing, Snorkeling 

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While planning your Pattaya package, make a note to add these day trips from Pattaya to your Thailand packages from India. This will make your enchanting occasion complete and worth in each sense. These trips also allow you to explore a more of Thailand and furthermore enjoy some refreshing activities around when customized through Pickyourtrail.

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