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Top 5 day trips from Trapani, Sicily

Trapani is a beautiful city with a crescent-shaped coastline, located in Western Sicily, Italy. Read the following to find out the top 5 day trips from Trapani, Sicily. It offers spectacular views as far as the Aegadian islands at the Western tip. Trapani is known as the “City of Salt and Sail.” For around 200 years, the lagoon has been supplying salt, which makes both the towns rich. Trapani is not a popular tourist spot, it is an offbeat place, but offers ancient Punic settlements, Greek temples, and a whole city of modern art.

It is worth visiting the Western Sicily. Greek temples, and Selinunte’s Acropolis which dates back to 5th and 6th-century BC comprises of one of Sicily’s most important historical sites. The historic towns that lie among the beautiful sights like Erice, the old port of Mazara del, have their own attractions. Such as narrow streets with beautiful views, lovely churches, seaside or mountain views, and beautiful modern art masterpieces. The city offers historical insights along with beautiful landscapes, and sceneries. Have a look at the top 5 day trips from Trapani.

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Day trips from Trapani

  • Eastern Temples at Selinunte
  • Selinunte Acropolis
  • Santissimo Salvatore and Mazara del Vallo Old Town
  • Mozia Excavations
  • Erice

1. Eastern Temples at Selinunte

It consists of 8 Greek temples dating back to the 5th and 6th centuries BC. Selinunte is one of the ancient and largest sites in Sicily. In addition, the Eastern temples at Selinunte are noticeable as Temple G is known for its massive size, and the reconstructed temple E shows the grandeur of ancient Greek architecture. The temple E had some exceptionally great carvings that are now safely stored in the Archaeological Museum in Palermo. It took a long time to build these temples, classical influences caused some changes in the princess. Explore the history behind these temples taking you to the past. It is one of the top 5 day trips from Trapani.

2. Selinunte Acropolis

Nearby to the Eastern temples, is the Selinunte Acropolis that covers 17 hectares. The Southeastern part of the Acropolis is full of temples, and the immediate attraction that will bring your attention is the massive rows of columns on Temple C, which is the oldest and largest of them. Also, it was built around 550 BC. A huge Gorgon’s head being painted in garish colours that dominate the East tympanum. You will find ancient sites to explore the temples, sanctuaries, quarries, and shrines. Selinunte is one of the top 5 day trips from Trapani.

Selinunte, Province of Trapani, Italy
Image Credits: Unsplash

3. Santissimo Salvatore and Mazara del Vallo Old Town

With three aisles divided by columns, the Cathedral of Santissimo Salvatore is a cross-shaped Basilica. Built by the Normans in 1086, after the conquest of the town by Roger I. The cathedral was restored in Baroque style from 1696 onwards. You can see the remains of the exterior in the east apse. The fine beautiful paintings in the interiors are very impressive. Look out for a sarcophagus similar to that of Fedrick II in Palermo in the Northwest corner in green marble. The west part of the building dominates Piazza Della Repubblica, surrounded by other Baroque facades, and the fountain of San Vito. You will also find several other beautiful churches, and explore the streets around the harbour to see the gate of the Palace of the Maltese Knights. It’s a lovely town to see ancient sculptures and buildings.

Via Torre di Ligny 30, Trapani, Italy
Image Credits: Unsplash

4. Mozia Excavations

You can reach out to the small island of San Pantaleo by a boat from Contrada Spagnola, near Marsala, where you can find the remains of the Punic city of Mozia. It was discovered in the 8th century BC and destroyed in 397 BC. The island is in the middle of a lagoon, from the open sea. When the great Phoenician, Carthage, had to retreat his forces, this became one of its bases in Sicily. Today, it is the only place in Sicily, where you can find the remains from the Carthaginian period.

Trapani, Province of Trapani, Italy
Image Credits: Unsplash

On the West coast, you will find two necropoleis, small gravestones that are used for ash burns, and a Tophet. In the North, you will find the remains of foundations, and walls of the monumental temple of Goddess Tanit that has been preserved, and also individual mosaics. Also, while you will find most of the best things in the museums in Palermo or Marsala, the on-site museum has a lovely marble statue, bigger than an image of a young man.

5. Erice

Standing at a 751-meter altitude, Eric tower covers a large part of Western Sicily. Getting bored with seeing a lot of ancient buildings, monuments, and history? Get a chance to explore the City’s natural beauty too. Experience the splendid views, and the atmospheric medieval townscape of narrow little streets packed with houses on both sides. The important building is the Chiesa Matrice, where the facade is highlighted by a beautiful rose window. The building was built in 1314 using stones that were taken from ancient remains. In one part of the town, you will find a luxurious green park, and next to it is the medieval Castello Pepoli, an ancient Acropolis. The views here are simply breathtaking. Well, Erice truly deserves a visit, huh?

Image Credits: Unsplash

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Trapani is a beautiful small city in Sicily. It is an offbeat place and also offers more from the past. It is said to be known for its ancient buildings, monuments, temples, and churches. All these ancient remains will take you back to the 5th and 6th century period. Apart from historical places, it also has splendid landscapes and scenic views. In addition, Trapani is a mix of historical monuments and spectacular scenery. So, visit the top 5 day trips from Trapani, to explore on your own. Also, check into Pickyourtrail for some amazing offers and deals. Also, do drop a message in Whatsapp if you have any questions on your mind.

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