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Denis Island
Written by Kajani Shivam on May 22, 2020 Share on

Denis Island, Seychelles- Escape from the Reality and enjoy the tranquillity

Ever wanted to escape from your busy life? Is your heart searching for some escapism from the normal, wanted relaxation and tranquillity? End up landing in Denis Island, Seychelles which is one of the most secluded Islands in the world. Denis Island is one among the 115 Islands of Seychelles which is best known for honeymooners and for travellers who are willing to have some peaceful time. I can feel that scream! ? Wanna escape to Denis Island? Have a read to know more about Denis Island, Seychelles.

Denis island
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This island might be small but perfectly formed with coconut palms, turquoise sea, wildlife, white sand beach, vivid coral reef, Casuarina trees, spa treatments, culinary delights and yes, of course, water sports. In 1773, the island was visited by a French explorer Jean Francois Sylvestre Denis de Trobriand and was named as Denis Island. This place does not have a mobile network, Wi-fi facilities, it is away from digital distractions. Clearly a destination for escapism right? Denis island allows every visitor to spend time with their loved ones and teaches us to appreciate the beauty of nature. The island literally gives you a “Robinson Crusoe” feel blended with some luxury.

How to reach Denis Island?

Tourist can reach the Island by propeller planes which will be arranged by the resort for their own guests. These propeller planes will take the tourists from the Mahe island. Within 30 minutes you will be reached from Mahe airport to Denis Island.

Best time to visit Denis Island

Denis Island is seen with bright skies and warm temperature throughout the year. October holds the best time to visit Denis island for two reasons. You will be able to view the sea turtles in October and the trade winds drop off for a perfect dive in October.

Things to do in Denis Island

1. Enjoy nature

One of the best things to do in Denis island is to enjoy nature. The whole idea behind Denis island is to escape the busy scheduled life and to escape into nature. Have a lovely walk with your loved ones along the shore where you will find the breezy air caressing your skin.

2.Water sports

Diving in Denis island
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The island offers a decent number of watersport for the visitors. If you love diving, you will never be disappointed. Some of the best diving sites in Seychelles are closer to Denis island. Some of the other best-known activities are Snorkelling, Kayaking and fishing. Who knows you might catch one for your lunch!

3. Culinary Delights

Get to taste the best culinary delights available in Denis Island. It is well renowned for its culinary delights with an excellent menu and with Creole buffet. A huge amount of fresh products are used from the islands own gardens and farm which makes it more special. Beach barbecues are also offered for the tourist to enjoy the best of it.

Where to stay?

The only place to rest in Denis Island is at the Denis Private Island resort.
The resort is filled with just 25 beachside cottages and it never feels busy.
You will have a feeling as if you were the only guest staying at the resort.
The resort never fails to provide a luxury service for its customers. You will also find no phone connection and at times luckily a little internet connection. Visitors can also take some time and have a look at the island’s heritage by visiting the old dilapidated cemetery, the only chapel on the island and the lighthouse.

Denis island
Image Credits: Google images

A vacation to Denis Island is a perfect way to relax and find peace within nature. An absolute way to spend time with your family, honeymoon, and to escape from the digital world. Well, you will find your own reasons to celebrate Denis Island. Do not late, quickly plan your vacation with the best travel packages to Seychelles with Pickyourtrail. Escape from Reality!

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