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dhoni cruise, maldives cruise, sailing around maldives
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Dhoni Cruise in the Maldives

When you think of the Maldives vacation, honeymooners dipping into the sea from their Instagram-perfect over-sea bungalows is probably the image which springs to mind. It would be natural to presume that there wouldn’t be much to offer the single traveller, the budget backpacker or the adventure seekers. How about if we told you about the Dhoni Cruise?

Dhoni cruise, maldives cruise, sailing around maldives
The Dhoni Cruise
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What if, You get to experience two different snorkel trips, each time to see something new. Other attractions with the likes of day trips to deserted islands, sandbanks and little villages to explore the local way of life. Drumming and dancing evening, a dive trip and the most beautiful candle-lit beach dinner complete with views of the Milky Way and bioluminescence on the shores. Then, better indulge yourself in this tropical paradise by opting for the Dhoni Cruise.

Why not a resort but a Dhoni Cruise?

Now don’t get me wrong, I can see the appeal of those beautiful exotic resorts, they look fantastic. But I can imagine beginning to feel bored after a few days. Why would you want to limit yourself to just one place when you have so many other incredible sights to explore.

Even a budget bungalow is going to set you back by about 25K a night. So, this doesn’t include your food, transfer and the activities as well.

Again, If you are someone who enjoys the five-star lifestyle and just wants to spend some time completely relaxing with no interruption then perhaps a resort would be perfect for you. If you are a traveller looking to spend a week’s time on a budget, then sailing the Maldives on a dhoni boat is the perfect solution.

How much does it cost for a Dhoni Cruise?

The cost for you to plan a typical resort kind of vacation would be around 2.5 – 3 Lakhs with flights. How much do you think Dhoni cruise would cost you for 7 days? Guessed it? Okay, It starts from the same range as a typical vacation. Yes, it differs depending on the customization done on the itinerary but a basic one starts at 2.5Lakh mark. So if you could spend a little more to customise it according to your needs, this would be a perfect adventurous vacation. 

Maldives Dhoni Cruise Itinerary :

Whenever a sailing trip is taken, you need to be flexible as the weather and ocean can be highly dynamic so your itinerary may need to change to accordingly. But I can tell you about a basic itinerary to give you an idea about what to expect.

Day 1:

  • Airport 
  • Quick orientation tour and welcome drinks at the port
  • Set sail for your first snorkel and to see a picturesque sandbank. 

Day 2:

  • First stop will be an uninhabited island with a beautiful lagoon where you can witness many baby black-tipped reef sharks. 
  • After an hour, you’ll have to  take a snorkel along a reef 
  • On the same day visit another reef popular with sea turtles.

Day 3:

  • After another morning snorkel, you’ll be visiting another stunning uninhabited island where you can take a walk around the circumference.
  • By the same evening, you’ll be dining under the stars on the beach – a meal you will remember for a long time.

Day 4:

  • Starting off with snorkelling around a boat wreck in the morning. Usually, wrecks are reserved for deepwater divers as it’s unusual to find one in shallow waters. This is one such place
  • In your afternoon dive, there’s a good chance of seeing a black-tipped reef shark and much bright coloured fish including huge shoals of angelfish here.
  • In the late afternoon, you’ll be visiting a small inhabited island and get an island tour. Which will be a good opportunity to stock up on sunscreen, buy souvenirs and get ice cream.

Day 5:

  • Day five starts off with snorkelling with nurse sharks.
  • In the evening after dinner, detour to Fulidhoo island to see a local drumming performance. 

Day 6:

  • The final day will be very chilled, spending most of it at Dolphin Bay. Can also get one of the best chances of swimming with dolphins. 
  • You can just stay put in the bay for several hours, jumping in whenever the dolphins come to you by choice. 

Day 7:

  • You’ll be back on dry land by 9:30 after a final breakfast and a few group photos. Make sure you book a flight which leaves after 12 pm to ensure that you’ll be at the airport on time.
dhoni cruise itinerary, route map for dhoni cruise,
Example blueprint of a customized 7 days cruise itinerary
Source: Google Images

To end things off

This is a whole new experience and is highly under-rated. People who have already been to the Maldives and have experienced the resort experience can surely try this out. Adventure lovers, get ready with your rucksacks as this is going to be one serious adventure. Visit to craft your personalised article now!

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