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Discover Abruzzo in Full Glory with a Local Tour Operator

With a list of attractions that includes wine, mountainous terrains, and wildlife parks, it’s no wonder tourists would love to discover Abruzzo. One of the greenest regions in Europe with 3 National parks and many protected areas, it is a destination to relieve stress, indulge in local foods, and reinvigorate energies. Its rocky mountainous terrains offer great opportunities for skiing, making it a destination of great varieties and fun. L’Aquila, the regional capital, is regarded as one of the most handsome cities by the Financial Times, which also says a lot about why you must visit it.

What can you do in Abruzzo?

Abruzzo has so many things to explore that it may take many months. Whether you are a laidback traveller, a fan of extreme sports, or a culture geek, you would find many things to tickle your interests. For a dose of history, you can explore Vasto – a medieval town overlooking the Adriatic Sea with beautiful buildings dating from the 15th century. You should also visit the Rocca Calascio castle range with more than 10 defensive castles. For the love of the outdoors, you can set up a tent by Lake of Scanno, a heart-shaped one with an enchanting medieval village. If you want some peace of mind or sunshine, you can easily visit the beaches in Abruzzo that are cosy and less crowded.
A blue sea lays caressing a 70-kilometer coastline stretching from Ortona to San Salvo in the province of Chieti, known as the Costa dei Trabocchi for its collection of centuries-old fishing net structures called trabocchi.

Anyhow, visiting Abruzzo has more to it than just visiting its archaeological heritage or natural landscapes. It is the people and the way they live. The people in Abruzzo live by slowing down the time, relaxing and enjoying each moment without any rush. Whether it’s for olive harvesting or making tomato sauce during summer, the locals also like to spend a lot of time with their friends and families. And in all these events, they indulge in a plethora of traditional, homely-cooked food that tastes as authentically Italian as you could get. So try out their Brodetto di Pesce (fish stew) or Arrosticini (traditional sheep skewers) they so love to savour with. While you are there, don’t forget to sip some Abruzzo wine like Montepulciano. They are flavourful, somewhat strong, and a great value for money.

Discover Abruzzo like a local

As we have mentioned, Abruzzo has many things to enjoy and explore. So why not leave the responsibility of managing your tour to somebody else? Somebody who knows the area inside out and knows what it takes to explore it all in great delight! Thankfully, some local tour operators offer their services to do exactly that. That way, you can not only focus on experiencing sceneries and culture but also discover Abruzzo from a different perspective. The operators are most likely to know the best vineyards, the most scenic olive groves, and the most interesting points among the mountains. They also would know the ways to take you there in total comfort and get you back safely and to live authentic experiences. You can even choose to be in a small group to avoid any strangeness on the road. To get more information, please visit