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The Ultimate Star Wars Experience at Disneyland

Star wars recreated: The costliest ever expansion venture by Walt Disney, is this $1B theme park, with two major ride attractions and loads of star wars-themed shops and restaurants to fall in love with!

Care to join the star troopers in the ultimate battle of good versus evil in a galaxy far-off? If yes, then fasten your seatbelts as you’re in for one hell of a ride — THE larger-than-life Galaxy’s edge ride, premiering from May 31 to June 23 at our very own Disneyland! ?

A complete guide to make the most of this kickass attraction:

What to expect

  • Create your own adventure mission in the Smuggler’s Run ride, an interactive gameplay which lets you ride the fastest falcon in the whole galaxy!
  • Disneyland’s finest engineering looks to provide make-believe experiences with Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance where you are invited to fight the ultimate battle against the first order.
  • Tune to craftsmanship as you build your own lightsaber to protect your force at the Savi’s workshop.
  • At this workshop with reminiscences from a galaxy far afield, build your own droid and witness it being activated into life through custom remote control.
  • Oga’s cantina, the official Star Wars watering hole welcomes notorious criminals and exhausted travellers to bond over an exotic devour experience. What’s served may surprise you more — Bad motivator IPA and Jedi mind trick cocktail are just a couple amongst the exciting many!
  • Creature stall and Toydorian toymaker offer you sneak peaks into extraterrestrial creatures and memorabilia handpicked from the celestial Star Wars universe — and even let you grab some for yourself!
  • Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo lets you devour ethereal food — delight your palates with unusual concoctions from the Star wars galaxy and tag “Skywalker loves this” in your feed perhaps?! For dessert turn to Kat Saka’s Kettle and Ronto Roasters, where Star Wars stops to binge-eat.
  • Finally, garb yourself in fine cloaks and hoods at Black Spire Outfitters, equip yourself with mighty armoury from First Order Cargo and — Well warrior, it’s time you head out for the big battle. MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU NOW! 🙂

What to know

  • Online reservation to attend the premiere show between May 31 and June 23 is closed now but on the bright side — you can still earn an entry by reserving a stay in one of the Disneyland resorts.
  • No regrets if you miss this one as well, as this is a permanent fixture which will keep having exciting events come up. No special reservation is required to visit after June 23.
  • Decode Planet Batuu — get deep-seated guidance to hack this wild frontier by activating the Play Disney Parks app, the Star Wars Datapad. From deciphering Aurebesh signs and discovering hidden starship crates to communicating with fellow star troopers, this app lets you be on top of your mission.
  • The Disneyland app, the ultimate cheat sheet lets you skip the ticket lines, check wait times so you plan better, add or cancel reservations, place food order, purchase passes, and everything possible to ease you through this magical adventure.
  • Check in with your whole crew together, with reservation confirmation email and valid photo IDs. You have a 4-hour curfew after which you’ll be escorted out in style by stormtroopers.

Now storm off to vacation with Vader and Walker in their own world, which is just a Pickyourtrail away.

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