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Driving In Dubai – Every Road Rule In UAE That You Should Know!

Driving in Dubai is one of the many interesting things to do in the UAE. If you aren’t familiar with driving long wide roads, then it might at first seem a little difficult for you. But you will get used to it anyways. There is another thing that you must get used to which is how everyone else in the UAE drive. Forgetting the usage of indicators, going far above the speed limit or changing the lanes like their’s is the only car on the road are some of the common things that you can surely expect while driving in Dubai.

One good thing is that now there has been recent laws about driving in Dubai, that were strictly brought into action to let people drive responsibly. This will indeed bring more value in regards to everyone’s safety and a comparatively less number of road accidents. But what if you don’t adhere to the road rules? Are you curious to know what to do and what not to do while driving in Dubai? Then give this article a read which has everything to say about driving in Dubai.

Driving in Dubai
Photo by Vladimir Proskurovskiy on Unsplash

Driving in Dubai

To know more about how safe it is to drive in Dubai, the mistakes you should avoid and tips while driving in Dubai, keep reading.

Table of contents

  1. How are the safety measures taken on driving in Dubai?
  2. Mistakes to avoid while driving
  3. Things you will be fined for
  4. Tips to take a note of while driving in Dubai

1. How are the safety measures taken on driving in Dubai?

To start off about the safety measures that were taken for driving in Dubai comes first the digital cameras which keep track of what happens when. Right from registering the traffic violations to the accidents to road rages or any kind of mishaps, they always have an eye amidst the busy traffic in this busiest city.

Because of the strict road rules and regulations in the UAE, driving in Dubai becomes more organized. Even the drivers start to drive sensibly. For instance, if you are causing an accident, you will be fined if the person is fine, taken to jail if he is hospitalized and fined a total of 55,000 USD if the person is dead. Also, the vehicles will be seized.

Dubai roads
Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

2. Mistakes to avoid while driving

  • Always keep an eye on the road. There might be so many distractions around but never take your eyes off the road. It is not just about driving in Dubai but driving anywhere else. Even if you are stuck in huge traffic, never look at your Instagram as watching the road is far more important than being active on social media. When traffic is moving slowly, be more attentive to not cause any road mishaps with the car going in front of you. Always use your side mirrors to handle traffic in a much better way.
  • Whatever happens, don’t indulge in a road-rage. There can be any number of reasons to trigger your anger or it can be someone else’s fault that caused a mishap but never be a reason for the road-rage. Always have control of your tongue and never spit anything you shouldn’t have. Using strong language to others and, especially an Emirati national, is highly not encouraged and you will be charged for the same.
  • As far as one knows, Dubai is one of the hottest places to visit. Although you can expect rain during January and February where because of the rain, the road gets all slippery. Be extra careful while driving in Dubai during rainy seasons.
Road traffic
Image Credits: Unsplash

3. Things you will be fined for

  • What if you don’t wear seat belts? You have to pay 400 AED per person along with four black points on the driver’s license.
  • If you are tailgating, be ready to pay 400 AED along with four black points or overtaking through the hard shoulder? Then, be ready to pay 1000 AED with six black points.
  • In case you are being a reason for endangering someone’s life, then you should be paying 2000 AED with 23 black points on the license.
  • Not obeying the speed limit will cost you 300 AED to 3,000 AED depending on how far you are past the limit with 23 black points on the license.
  • Violating the traffic rules by not stopping when the signal shows red? You will have to pay a fine of 1000 AED with 12 black points and goes to 30,000 AED if it ends up in an accident.
  • Don’t use mobile while driving or you will be fined 800 AED with four black points on the license.
  • Drunk driving will cost a maximum of 20,000 AED with 23 black points.

4. Tips to take a note of while driving in Dubai

  • Don’t drive between the white lines.
  • Maintain 3 seconds drive away from the front car.
  • When it becomes dark, turn your vehicle lights on even if the road is visible without lights. It makes it easier for others.
  • Avoid drinking while driving in Dubai.
  • Do not leave children and pets unattended in the car without someone looking after them.
  • Never drive with having the mobile phone to one ear. Pay attention.
  • Avoid using hand gestures as it might be confusing. Use indicators for turning and changing lanes.
Roads in night in Dubai
Photo by Maid Milinkic on Unsplash

Now that you know everything about driving in Dubai, don’t you think it becomes easier to drive in such a busy city like Dubai and even enjoyable? Adhere to these road rules in order to not give way your hard-earned money away and be the change that you want to see on road. This indeed will bring safety for everyone who is driving.

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