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Dubai Butterfly Garden
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Dubai Butterfly Garden

About Dubai Butterfly Garden

Tourists from across the globe are seen making their way to Dubai, in the hope to witness some of the most unravelling memories yet to come. If you’re heading towards the city for the very first time, a vacation without a visit to the ‘ Dubai Butterfly Garden,’ would truly be a sad thought to comprehend.

It was in the year 2015, that the ‘Dubai Butterfly Garden,’ was added into the list of some of the most visited attractions in Dubai. It has since then received a lot of acclaim and recognition, one of the most prominent being the ‘World’s largest covered butterfly garden.’ The entire garden stretches across about 2600 square meters and covers large areas of land. 

There are a wide array of reasons to pay a visit to the garden, the best of the lot being the 15,000 butterflies from over 50 different species that reside within the garden. Tourists can also enjoy a number of architectural richness and marvels within the premises of the garden.

Dubai Butterfly Garden
Image Credit – Wikimedia Commons

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The indoor garden has about ten domes that give it the most unique of dimensions, combined with an amazing climate-control facility – that allows for the gardens to be functional all through the year. 

The ‘Butterfly Museum,’ located well within the gardens, is yet another beauty that holds handcrafted designs, that have been made from over thousands of butterflies. Collected and sampled from all over the world, this is most definitely a unique opportunity and gives tourists to witness the versatile creativity of the artists in the region. 

Just when you think, that’s all there is to it, the ‘Butterfly Garden,’ also hosts an educational arena – that gives tourists an insight into the lifecycle of a butterfly, metamorphosis and the varied stages of life. Tourists can also sit back and enjoy a lot of educational movies that emphasis on the life stages of butterflies. 

How to Reach Dubai Butterfly Garden

Dubai Airport
Image Credit – Wikimedia Commons

Located just about 34.6 km away from the ‘Dubai airport, the ‘Dubai butterfly garden,’ is situated at quite a distance from the airport. Tourists looking to visit the garden, can hop onto a taxi and reach the garden in about half an hour.

You could also consider taking a train from the airport to the butterfly garden. Tourists commuting via train will have to ensure they take the ‘Airport Terminal 3,’ all the way to the ‘First Gulf Bank.’ Once you’ve reached the bank, you’ll have to take a taxi to the Dubai butterfly garden.

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Best Time to Visit Dubai Butterfly Garden

One of the best things about the garden remains the fact that it is open for tourists all throughout the year. But, tourists could also keep in mind that the temperatures during the summer roar quite high and thus a visit to the ‘Dubai Butterfly Garden,’ during the months of ‘November to March,’ make the most sense. 

What Not to Miss 

There are a plethora of places for tourists to explore within the ‘ Dubai butterfly garden,’ some of them are listed down below. 

Al Qabaiel Centre 

Al Qabaiel Centre
Image Credit – Wikimedia Commons

The ‘Al Qabaiel Centre,’ is located about 0.2 kilometres from the butterfly garden and is a shopping hub itself. Tourists looking to take back some souvenirs and shop their hearts out, can head towards the ‘Al Qabaiel Centre,’ and cherish some precious time with family. The place is filled with some great collection of electronics, clothes, shoes and so much more. If you’re looking to take something small and unique back home, this is one of the best places you’ll find. 

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Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization

Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization
Image Credit – Wikimedia Commons

The ‘Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization,’ is situated at a distance of  0.3 Kilometers from the Dubai butterfly garden. The museum itself gives tourists a chance to gain insights into the whole essence of true Islam. The ‘ Kabba Hall,’ considered to be the holy halls, is found with gold plated Kuran copies – in store for tourists looking to explore the religion of Islam.

Sarah Shopping Centre

Find some great ‘Arabic dresses,’ for women at the ‘Sarah Shopping Centre,’ that is located about 0.5 Kilometers from the butterfly garden. The centre offers tourists some amazing and eye-catching discounts thus, making shopping all the more delightful. 

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Al Montazah Park

The ‘ Al Montazah Park,’ is a rather interesting place located about 2.3 kilometres away from the Dubai butterfly garden. After a visit to the garden, this could be another thrilling experience for you to venture out on. The park has in store some amazing rides that your kids are sure to love and thoroughly enjoy. 

Things to Do in Dubai Butterfly Garden

Watch Educational Movies

For those of you travelling with kids, fret not! The ‘Dubai Butterfly Garden,’ has some unique experiences in store for your kids. The children are sure to enjoy some of the best educational movies, all in relation to butterflies. Not only are the movies a fun little treat for your kids but they’re also a knowledge enhancing session that they’re going to remember for a long time to come.

Click Pictures with Butterflies

Click Pictures with Butterflies
Image Credit – Pixabay

What better place in the whole wide world could better an opportunity to click some beautiful pictures of 50 varied species of butterflies? The ‘Dubai Butterfly Garden,’ is home to about 15,000 butterflies, and can be a sure treat that you’re sure to love. 

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Increase your Knowledge

For all, you butterfly enthusiasts out there, the ‘Dubai Butterfly Garden,’ gives you everything you need to know about butterflies. A visit to the gardens can provide tourists with an opportunity to increase their knowledge and understanding of the varied and distinct butter species within the garden. 

Experiencing Nature in its True Divinity

Stretching across about  6673 square meters, the ‘Dubai butterfly garden,’ enables tourists to experience the true divinity of nature. The gardens welcome tourists all through the year, so make sure to stop by and explore these amazing gardens for yourself. 

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