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Dubai EDM Festival
Written by Rhea Alex on June 17, 2020 Share on

EDM Festival in Dubai

Most tourists have known Dubai to be the city of the ‘Firsts,’ from the world’s tallest building, breathtaking architectural excellence, souk markets, rich cultural heritage and so much more. The city has attracted tourists from across the world, hoping to explore the city of their dreams for the very first time. The skyscrapers, exquisite hotels, stunning beaches and luxury redefined are what tourists can expect in Dubai. But what most tourists are unaware of remains the fact that the city has so much more to offer!


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Dubai has also been widely recognised as one of the best places in the world for its diverse music festivals and EDMs that take place every now and then. This has got to be your go-to place to experience the most exciting, enthralling and refreshing scene. So if you’re a music enthusiast and would love to be part of some of the world’s most talked-about music festivals, Dubai is the perfect place for you. The city hosts a wide array of music-related events and welcomes both international and local artists. Be it EDM, regional music, rock and pop – whatever the genre you’re into, Dubai has most definitely got something in it for you. The ‘Groove On The Grass,’ is one of the most-awaited and hyped about EDM festivals in Dubai and forms part of the annual music vibe in the city.

EDM Festival In Dubai

Tourists can find themselves grooving to some of the best and most loved music festivals in Dubai, showcasing a variety of artists that have an International and Local vibe. The songs and music played, are sure to touch the soul of every music lover out there. The ‘Groove On The Grass festival,’ which took place in 2019 was hosted by the Emirates Golf Club – featured a large number of events throughout the city. If you’re into artists like – Karl Hyde, Rick Smith and many other successful artists in the market, the EDM concert is where you should be headed towards. Most of these artists end up playing songs from hit movies and other popular tracks in the market thus, getting tourists to sway to the groove all the way through. It’s the inspiration behind their music that makes the concert a grand success amongst the audience. 

Groove On The Grass 2020 Dates

The ‘Groove On The Grass,’ EDM festival hosted its seventh season in Dubai on the 8th of February, 2019. Music lovers who were fortunate enough to have a chance to be part of the event, can’t wait to see what lies in store for them at the 2020 Dubai EDM festival.

Groove On The Grass 2020 Ticket Information

Evidently known to be a music lovers paradise, the ‘Groove On The Grass,’ festival in Dubai has witnessed a surge in the purchase of tickets as every year goes by. One of the most sought music festivals in the region, not only sees the local folks being part of it but also welcomes a large International audience as well. Because of this very reason, the tickets for the festival are sold out almost instantly after the slots have been made available to the public. Tourists looking to be a part of the festival should most definitely keep a keen tab on the date of release of the tickets and try their best to book it as soon as possible. It’s also important for tourists to keep in mind that all of the tickets sold out are non-refundable, so if you change your mind – there’s no going back. If you’re travelling with children in particular, please remember that kids below the age of 16 years aren’t allowed entry into the festival premises. It is mandatory for participants to carry ID proof along with them, so as to provide a guarantee for their age.

The approximate price of the tickets ranges from about INR 8,000 per person and above. So if you’re looking to buy tickets to the 2020 ‘Groove On The Grass EDM festival,’ this is a tentative amount you could keep in mind. Once you have purchased their tickets, detailed information regarding the event is sent across to you. Thus, if you’re determined to be part of the festival ensure you’ve got your tickets sorted in the first place.

Groove On The Grass EDM, 2019

The event in itself most often begins around  06:00 PM but it’s important to head into the premises much earlier and book your seats. Tourists can find guests flooding into the premises at about 05:00 PM – all looking to get the best of seats. There are multiple events and activities that take place much before the commencement of the festival itself. So, you could probably go check out the wide array of activities and events, preparing yourself for the amazing night ahead.

Acro Yoga And Thai massage

One of the major events you’ll find at the festival is the ‘Acro Yoga And Thai massage,’ attraction that has sought the attention of participants from far and wide. Tourists can get a one of a kind view of the acrobatics, yoga and Thai massages that all form an integral part of Acro Yoga. You will also find artists trying to teach tourists and performing the art of the ‘Hula Hoop,’ themselves. If you’re into martial arts then the ‘Capoeira,’ a one of its kind art form is also practised and depicted here. The Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art that encapsulates three major elements namely – dance, acrobatics and music. The practice of the art in its true form is definitely a visual treat to the human eye, as it is performed with such finesse and excellence aptly tied together.

Tourists can explore Dubai’s most happening EDM festivals and experience the exquisite music vibe in the region. The city is easily one of the best places for music enthusiasts to head towards. Soak in the hidden music scene that the city has to offer with just the right Dubai Travel package. If you’re finding this guide useful? Check some of the best ‘Pickyourtrail,’ Dubai holiday packages and book your dream vacation today!

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