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Kite Beach Dubai
Written by Keshav on May 4, 2020 Share on

Dubai Kite Beach – All you need to know

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When you are on a vacation a lot of times its the simple and small things that stick around and make the vacation memorable. That one dish you ate, a walk you took, something mundane and kinda normal that just sticks in your mind making you want more. Sometimes it’s just simple things that seem to matter. Dubai is a city of many luxuries and it’s known for its grandeur and majestic buildings, all the sports cars on the road and just the sheer wealth on display and even in a city like Dubai, the small things are sometimes just as fun and impactful, Kite Beach is an example of this,

Kite beach spans a length of just about half a kilometer, which is not the longest by any means and quite a standard size. But, the quality time you can spend here is definitely up there with some of the best beach experiences you can have. For starters it’s just across the Jumeirah Main Street and from here you can see both the Burj Al Arab and the Burj Khalifa towering across just a short distance away. You also have a lot of activities packed into one place, the chief among these being water sports such as windsurfing, parasailing, surfing, water skis and a lot of other ones too. More importantly, as the beach’s name suggests, you can do kite surfing here which in itself is super fun and makes for some calm and relaxing times and a must-try when you’re out here. If you are someone who likes land sports better you can go for a round of beach volleyball or football too. It’s just a well-maintained beach that is super clean, has great facilities like shower rooms, wifi, amazing kids facilities like bungee trampolines & climbing parks. Things don’t just end there though, just a little down from the beach you have a wide variety of food trucks and cafes serving various cuisines and you can have the pick of the lot and all of the prices are quite reasonable as well. Book Maldives Visa for Indians.

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Now it’s super hard to make any beach sound exciting or revolutionary. Beaches are always fun in my eyes but the kite beach just has all the right elements that make it quite the well rounded and perfect place to just come laze around towards the end of your day or start your day at. It’s one of those small things that you might not expect can change your vacation experience but it makes more of an impact than you might realize. It’s a beautiful stretch of white sand that’s set between two of the most remarkable structures in Dubai, the Burj Al Arab to one side and the Burj Khalifa towards the other. Just the setting and the liveliness of the place make it a worthwhile visit in my opinion and I suggest that you guys check it out at least once when you’re in Dubai tour

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