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A group friends enjoying their days at Dubai
Written by Preetha Manivelan on May 26, 2020 Share on

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Planning a trip with friends is always fun. It starts with ‘Shall we go on a trip?’ to creating a WhatsApp group, changing the group name and display picture with that of the destination. But the trip never happens though, Almost every time.

Here is our traveller Shanthoshri and her friends Haritha and Niveditha started planning a trip to Dubai and it did not end with just planning. Here is everything she has to say on how they made it a successful trip to Dubai.

Three friends posing for a picture after shopping

About the trip

I and two of my friends planned a trip to Dubai. Our trip was one that cropped up quite randomly one day in December 2019. Post confirmation of tickets and visas and an opening of a WhatsApp group, all that was pending was planning our itinerary.  See we’re all in for spontaneous trips given our annual leave and more importantly, cash in hand and bank permits.

What made you choose Pickyourtrail?

Financing for the trip was a huge deal and we definitely needed a travel planner who would give us economical offers to choose from. We had already faced a disappointment after the first agent we checked with quoted sky-high prices with just a few enticing activities spread over the week, and then we contacted Pickyourtrail and it changed it all for the better for us!

Pickyourtrail provided top-notch service throughout what with the curated itinerary and budget-friendly pricing – it really felt like they too wanted us to have a good time, and that was nice. The activities suggested and chosen from were all a tourist visiting Dubai for the first time for a week, had to see and experience in the country.

Our Day-wise itinerary

Day 1:

We had booked flights on our own and reached this amazing city on 17th January 2020.

Day 2 and 3:

We had our visit to the most popular attraction among any tourist which is the Dubai Mall which also includes Dubai Aquarium, Burj Khalifa and the fountain show. It was indeed an awesome day looking at the tallest structure in the world and falling in love with it. With all those good memories, we left back to the hotel. The next day at Dubai was a leisure day.

A group of friends at the Dubai aquarium

Day 4:

The next day we had our Dubai Parks. It was a fun-filled day. We, being a fun-loving person enjoyed the day thoroughly.

Day 5:

Here comes, the favourite part of our trip which is the desert safari. I wondered at the courtesy of a friendly chauffeur who played rad songs in his Land Rover, and the dates, coffee and shisha that followed in a small space on the desert sand.

A picture on trip to Dubai

Day 6:

On the 6th day of our itinerary, we had a visit to Abu Dhabi. It is a city tour that included Sheik Zayed Mosque, Heritage Village and Ferrari World. We personally loved this much as we could feel more of the tradition in Abu Dhabi and could spot many locals, not getting crowded with tourists.

Day 7:

The last activity that we had was the Dubai Frame, Miracle garden and the global village. It was so beautiful that made us end our trip on a really happy note.

Day 8:

We made our way back to India with loads of memories to cherish for a lifetime.

Your most amazing part of the trip

Our personal favourite was the desert safari. I loved how we had some activity to look forward to every day, which was also scheduled aptly giving us enough time to stroll and shop around the streets of Dubai after. We were liaising with Pickyourtrail throughout our stay and they made it hassle-free for us.

Shanthoshri and her buddies on a bright day

Why Pickyourtrail?

My answer to this question is ‘being there for us’. Right from them clarifying the smallest of queries to updating us clearly on the next days’ plan, they provided an end to end support. This makes us recommend Pickyourtrail and be a recurring customer. A BIG thanks to Pickyourtrail for making our little trip to Dubai an exciting one! We’ve got plans to visit Bali next, but let’s see when Corona makes an exit.

What are you waiting for? Its high time that you should stop creating just WhatsApp groups and start planning a trip to Dubai with your friends like how Shanthoshri and her friends did!

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