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Heritage and Diving Village
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Dubai’s Heritage and Diving Village

Dubai, a populous city in The United Arab Emirates is known for its luxury shopping, high-end malls, and a lively nightlife scene. It has a very interesting cultural history that people aren’t aware of. You can learn about its cultural history by visiting the Heritage And Diving Village in Dubai Many don’t have the insightful facts about how the place literally grew from being a desert to a city incorporating some of the tallest skyscrapers in the world. In fact, Dubai that you visit and see now is not what it always used to be. You will have an opportunity to travel back in time and experience the life of Dubai in its early ages. This place is a living museum where you can witness the crafts of potters and weavers as well as learn about the pearl diving industry of Dubai. If you are a person who likes history then this is the place to go. Below are a few things you should know before planning a visit to this gem.

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Details about the Heritage And Diving Village

  • Location: Al-Shindagha Rd, Bur Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Timings: 08:30 am – 10:30 pm
  • Time required to visit Dubai Heritage Village: 2 to 3 hours
  • Contact Number: +971-43937139

Things worth visiting at the Heritage and Diving Village

This place provides a glimpse into Dubai’s traditional culture and lifestyle, including Emirate’s maritime history, pearl diving traditions, and architecture.

Craft of the weavers

You can find many local artists born into families that have been in the weaving industry for generations and have passed down the unique craft skills in the family. They are masters in the art of weaving things like carpets, baskets, and more. You will also get a chance to learn more about the history of the craft if you interact with the craftsmen and also purchase some of these amazing products as souvenirs to take back home. The experience you get here is completely authentic.

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Craft of pottery at Dubai Heritage and Diving Village

The art of pottery is another famous craft that can be found at the Heritage And Diving Village in Dubai. This art is specialized by many local craftsmen who practice their craft in the village. The entire family can enjoy the many entertaining and fun workshops throughout the day. Families with children will absolutely enjoy learning about this craft and how to mould clay as well. If you are interested in attending the workshop, it is better to know about the timings prior as it differs.

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Traditional culture and lifestyle of Dubai

One can truly go back in history and experience how the life of local people used to be. You will also get a glimpse into the life of the people of Dubai. Also, learn about the age-old traditions that have been passed down generations of families. It stands out from the grandeur of the city life and gives you a more traditional side of Dubai instead. This definitely will be an experience you will remember for a lifetime.

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Heritage and Diving Village’s Animal life

Local people look after quite a few animals at the Heritage and Diving Village such as camels, horses. There is even a small pond with ducks in it, which you can feed. Children and adults can take a ride on the camel or horses, if interested.

Pearl diving industry at Dubai Heritage and Diving Village

Pearl diving industry is one of the best things you can do at the Heritage And Diving Village in Dubai. You will get a chance to learn about the vast pearl diving industry, that has been a part of the Dubai tradition for many years. The pearl industry is still prevalent in some places and goes back to almost seven thousand years ago. The procedure involves a ship around 60 people, which includes a captain, divers, a seeb, and other staff as well that go on a month-long expedition in search of these precious stones.

Cultural Performances

The cultural performances of the people, including some folk art like dancing and singing is another amazing thing to experience at the Heritage And Diving Village. People dress up in traditional costumes and put on an entertaining show for the visitors including some exotic performances like the belly dance. This includes men, women, and children as well.

Dubai Heritage and Diving Village’s Authentic souvenirs

Everyone wants to buy some souvenirs that are unique and would not be found anywhere else in the world while visiting a place. As mentioned earlier, this local authentic cultural centre sells some authentic crafts and products that are handmade, and you wouldn’t be able to find anything like them from anywhere else. Purchase clothes, pots, baskets, as well as pearl jewellery from here, unlike the city which sells mostly commercial brands. Not only will you bring a unique souvenir back home with you, but you will also be supporting the local businesses there.

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Traditional dishes at Dubai Heritage And Diving Village

Exploring the Heritage and Diving Village might take an entire day. Hence we have come up with a list of traditional dishes you can enjoy at the Village, especially for non-veg lovers.


A very popular dish in Dubai is Hummus. It comes from the Arabic word ḥummuṣ meaning “chickpeas”. It is made out of chickpeas with olive oil and garlic, and is commonly served with kuboos, a local bread, or pita bread as well.


Shawarmas are famous in Dubai and everyone knows it. It is a traditional Arabic delicacy and one of world’s popular street food, comprising of a roll filled with chicken, vegetables and garlic spread.

Iranian Tea

This refreshing beverage is a black tea that is usually consumed with biscuits or traditional Arabian sweets and is a delight to taste buds. It is also considered as the Iranian tea is of the cleanest teas in the world and pesticides are not used in its cultivation.

Having said that, The Heritage And Diving Village in Dubai is an amazing place to visit for history lovers. You can also get a chance to learn about various local crafts. This should definitely be on your checklist whenever you will be travelling to Dubai. So, plan a trip to Dubai and visit this museum with Pickyourtrail!

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