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View of the Edakkal caves
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Edakkal Caves – explore through the forgotten past of humankind in Kerala

Wayanad is such a beautiful destination which sprawls beautifully in Kerala. One of the most nature-friendly places in India, this place has many spots to be explored. It is filled with the colour green anywhere you turn around with lush greenery and beautiful hills gliding over the clouds of the city. It has many viewpoints from where you can get a great view of this nature’s masterpiece. This is one of the most visited cities in Wayanad. This wonderful city is visited by many tourists all around the world and everybody instantly falls in love with this city. This is mainly because of the marvellous lush green landscapes continuing throughout and covering the city. The main pulling factor of this city is the coexistence of a modern city with nature. There is a very famous spot 20 km of Wayanad and that is the famous Edakkal caves. Read through this article to know more about it.

Lakkidi View Point, Wayanad, Kerala
Image Credits: Photo by James V Sajeeve on Unsplash

Edakkal Caves – Things to Know

The Edakkal cave is one of the biggest attractions found in South India. You will only understand why if you visit the place yourself. Such a wonderful sight it will be and all the explorations in this cave will give out some of the most interesting facts about humans. Its legendary status and its natural beauty pull in thousands of tourists around the world. This cave has also been a source of how humans lived long ago to many of the historians. These caves are and of two naturally formed rocks, looking beautiful and magnificent. A trek up the Ambukuthi hills is the only way to reach the caves. Stepping into the archives of historical facts, The Edakkal caves gives you a unique kind of experience. This is one of the must-visit places while you visit Wayanad.

Inscriptions at the Edakkal cave
Image Credits: Google Images

History of Edakkal Caves

There are many stories about the formation of the Edakkal caves. Many folklores are there. The local people say many stories about it. But the most famous is that the caves were by the arrows from Lav-Kush. Another famous story is that it was because of the Kuttichathan and the Goddess Mudiampilly. The discovery of this cave was by the then Malabar district superintendent of police, Fred Fawcett. This was when he was on his hunting trip. Finding the cave in the western Edakkal, he further explored the caves to find out that it was the habitat of the Neolithic people. This cave is literally an exhibition of the life of the ancestors of those people over there. Visit this cave to know more about it.

Petroglyph found in the Edakkal Caves
Image Credits: Image by Vishnu Vijayan from Pixabay

Famous things at the Caves

This cave is famous for many of its rich historical facts and visiting this place is one of the best things to do in Wayand. It is the archive of the historical fact of the livelihood of the Neolithic people. It is also famous for many stone drawings of animals, symbols and humans that dates back to 6000 BC. The inner caves will baffle you with some of the rare stone age drawings from the Neolithic and Mesolithic ages. The famous attraction here is the Petroglyphs. This is nothing but the rifts in clefts that are very beautiful to look at. The oldest ones in this cave date to be 8000 years old.

Inscriptions on the caves
Image Credits: Google Images

Timings and tickets

The timings of this cave are between 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM. This is because these caves only have visibility until then. Closed for the public, the caves are not accessible during every Monday. The tickets are also not that costly. It is 30 INR for the Adults and 20 INR for children (Below 12 years old)

Hike to the caves
Image Credits: Google Images

The Edakkal cave is a must-visit place for all the travellers and one should not miss out on this great opportunity. Add it to your itinerary for your Kerala holiday packages with your loved ones. Do check out on some of the best travel contents on International and Domestic travel on the Pickyourtrail website. If you have any enquiries on travel rates and itineraries send us a Whatsapp inquiry.

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